League of Legends Caitlyn getting visual rework

League of Legends Caitlyn is finally getting a visual rework soon, as revealed by the devs recently. 

League of Legends Caitlyn rework
League of Legends Caitlyn

The topic that League of Legends' Caitlyn is a champion who needs a visual revise has been discussed for a long time. The main discussion on this subject started nearly 2 years ago with the arrival of cinematic Warriors.

Fans enormously requested that Riot present another character's appearance, which was seen in numerous scenes in the video. The new form of LoL Mrs. Sheriff was certainly more serious, more developed, and basically more intriguing than what can be found in the game. 

However, soon the fans went silent about the changes until the day Riot shared one more form of Caitlyn's appearance. This prime Caitlyn visual rework was spotted in the Legends of Runeterra card game. 

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The fans again felt that quite possibly their favorite character would see a few changes and at last LoL's Caitlyn would look genuinely serious, unlike what people say - a character who ran from the carnival. 

Yet, Riot did not hear the voices of people at that time as well. However, now the most recent data shows that the League of Legends Caitlyn will probably get a visual rework soon, and a brand new Caitlyn model has effectively been made. 


UPDATE: 30/10/21

League of Legends Caitlyn rework confirmed

On October 30, Riot affirmed the Caitlyn visual update, via a three-minute "Caitlyn Champion Theme" video which displayed the new splash arts and skin models for LoL Caitlyn.

The visual update has a few changes to Caitlyn's character model, in which her fluffy crinoline has been removed from the design along with her iconic wide-brim purple hat. Additionally, Caitlyn's dress has been trimmed marginally with significant change on Caitlyn's legs as the Sheriff can now be seen wearing black stockings, replacing the leather straps.

Caitlyn's new Wild Rift artwork also included these visual updates, and Caitlyn's model update has transported in some limit with regards to Teamfight Tactics, with was displayed during the Set 6 uncover. 

The devs did not announce any official Caitlyn visual update release date, however, players can expect it soon as the Arcane release is set to happen on November 6, and new skins are also coming for every one of the primary characters including the Sheriff herself.


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League of Legends Caitlyn rework rumors

Today, the League of Legends YouTube channel posted a video about TFT, where Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer told the players about different plans and news. Yet what actually grabbed the eye of the fans was LoL Caitlyn. 

Players saw that in the video, Caitlyn is seen among the many other fightings heroes. However, what's really fascinating about Caitlyn's appearance in the video is Caitlyn's model that is new to everybody. The used model is neither from Summoner's Rift, nor a skin that is utilized in TFT regularly. 

League of Legends Caitlyn appearance in TFT video

It is clearly visible that the LoL champion - Caitlyn new model, no longer has an overstated purple and yellow hat, and she has pants or leggings on her legs. However, it is worth mentioning that regardless of the progressions in the Caitlyn new model, the splash art stays as before as there LoL Caitlyn actually has uncovered legs with leathered straps and wears the same old hat. 

As indicated by many fans, Riot is obviously working on Caitlyn's visual rework, however, no formal declaration has been made by the devs at this point. So, maybe this small snippet of Caitlyn's new model in TFT is a sort of teaser that will stimulate interest among the players.

This Caitlyn's visual update has a few changes to it and a few of these Caitlyn visual rework has shown up in the new Wild Rift artwork, which is set to release in the mobile game's 2.5 update. 

This Caitlyn rework visual is not much prominent as the two games frequently have diverse symbolism, however, the LoL Caitlyn rework has additionally been revealed in a confidential "Pandora" document in the League of Legends backend file.

Moreover, a Twitter user, Chowz has also shared LoL Caitlyn's reworked image, which was supposedly found in the Wild Rift beta files.

Fans truly trust something will ultimately change and a few LoL champions' old models will also be reworked. Moreover, recently, the developers got some information about who should be getting a visual improvement, and as usual, League of Legends Caitlyn VGU was quite possibly the top choice. 

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There are high chances that players will soon get Caitlyn visual rework as TFT is often used as an approach to give data about new skins or champions.

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