Details about Yunjin, Ayato, Itto, Shenhe, and more revealed by Genshin leakers

Many of the Genshin Impact leaks have turned out to be untrue, and the leakers have themselves revealed this info.

Genshin Impact leaks
Genshin Impact AMA revealed new details about the upcoming character

Genshin Impact players are having a busy time with the Inazuma update and miHoYo has likewise been occupied with new activities. While players got an all-new update, a few things have created a commotion in fan communities.

miHoYo has been making a move against a few leakers, beginning with suing the Chinese video site Bilibili to get data about them, which made a few leakers bid a goodbye to the Genshin Impact community. 

However, few of them made a return and revealed info about several upcoming characters including Ayato, Itto, Yunjin, Shenhe, Gorou, and many more.

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Now recently Genshin Impact leakers did an AMA session with the Genshin community to address large numbers of the current releases and have revealed insight into huge loads of new characters. This new data likewise addresses a portion of the earlier leaks and revealed new information about them. 

Updates on Baizhu, Dendro, Scaramouche, Yaoyao, and Yunjin

While talking to the fans during the AMA on a subreddit account of Genshin, leakers revealed the following data:

  • Genshin Impact Baizhu and Yaoyao updates 

Recent rumors mentioned that Baizhu would be the banner character for Chasm yet the leakers revealed that they did not have any information about Baizhu. 

For Yaoyao, they noted that it was "datamined" during CBT1/CBT2 period. However, the leakers likewise mentioned that "Dendro Catalyst and his model exists, yet no different information outside of certain in-game text and voice-overs have been found." 

  • Genshin Impact Dendro in 2.3

Recently there were rumors that hinted at Dendro being part of the 2.3 update, yet that has been affirmed to be fake. however, it is additionally been mentioned that in the event that Dendro does show up in 2.3, then it will just be a coincidence. 

Moreover, the leakers also revealed that "dendro related character information available is Traveler’s constellation changing color to green, no skills have been added relating to dendro at all," which potentially implies that Dendro's release is as yet distant. 

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  • Genshin Impact Scaramouche release 

In the last leak, Sukuna had referenced that Scaramouche will not release the next year. Now, this leak has been affirmed to be fake, however, it is additionally been mentioned that Scaramouche won't be coming at any point in the near future. 

  • Genshin Impact Yunjin updates 

The main info and update shared during the AMA were that Yunjin is not a Geo user. It was initially revealed that Yunjin will be a Geo polearm user, however, that seems to be changed to Anemo or Cryo. Yunjin's model exists along with certain in-game text and voice-overs.

Moreover, Genshin Impact at long last showed Yunjin in a leaked Moonchase cutscene, and presently more data about this Liyue star has been uncovered. She will probably have another Vision type, however, her exact element is currently obscure.

Updates on Arataki Itto, Ayato, Shenhe

Prior to leaving the "leaking" Genshin Community, dependable leaker Sukuna posted a series of leaks and now this AMA session revealed which of those leaks were valid and which ones were fake. 

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  • Genshin Impact Ayato update

Ayato fans might be baffled to hear that the previous leaks have ended up being false, as it was revealed the entirety of the leaks including data about Ayato's weapon and vision, him being a Hydro Claymore character are untrue.

Currently, it seems that leakers are absolutely unaware of any info on Kamisato Ayato, and Ayato fans will simply need to hang tight for future updates. 

  • Genshin Impact Arataki Itto update

The leakers have revealed that Arataki Itto might be coming sooner than anticipated as he has a great amount of information than most unreleased characters, and the datamined data about his claymore abilities are also true. 

However, the leakers did mention that they did not have any info about his Vision component, yet there are high chances that Arataki Itto will turn into a playable character later on in the game based on his in-game information. 

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  • Genshin Impact Gorou update

The leakers did not have much info about Gorou, yet they did reveal that there are chances that Gorou will show up before Yae in the game as he currently has a model, animation data, and certain skill data.

It was also confirmed that Gorou is a Geo-Bow, currently a 4-star, and uses a boy model. He currently has minimal skill data in the beta, so the leak about his buffing ability is false.

  • Genshin Impact Shenhe update

Shenhe fans had been eagerly waiting to get more data about the character, it seems that she was scrapped and replaced by Eula.

However, the recent AMA has not revealed much new information about her, as the leakers are likewise uncertain of Shenhe's future, but her model does still exist and the leakers are not aware of any info about Shenhe being scrapped

These were all the basic details revealed about the much-awaited characters, for more details, fans should definitely check out the entire AMA session.

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