The new Nintendo Switch controller rumored to be revealed by this Friday

A new Nintendo Switch controller could be revealed by this coming Friday, as per the recent rumors.

new Nintendo Switch controller
New Nintendo Switch controller reveal happening soon 

Recently, it was revealed that a new filing for a brand new Nintendo Switch controller was found with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

As per the VGC reportNintendo submitted a new game controller to the FCC along with a few letters requesting confidentiality on its details for 180 days, that is till March 2022. 

The post mentioned that "The letters request that all photos of the controller, its manual, its block diagram, and its schematics be kept secret for up to six months until Nintendo is ready to announce it."

In the letter to FCC, Nintendo requested, "The application contains technical information, which we deem to be trade secrets and proprietary. If made public, the information might be used to the disadvantage of the applicant in the marketplace."

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However, now the listing has been updated, that possibly means that Nintendo is set to inform the fans as to what new Nintendo Switch controller is by this Friday, either in the form of a new tweet or a potential new Direct.

The FCC filing for the new Nintendo Switch controller was updated and all the confidential documents have been categorized under "short term confidential", which will now be available on Friday, 24th of September 2021. 

FCC filing for the new Nintendo Switch controller updated

It was additionally revealed by VGC that "The controller has the model name HAC-043, which confirms it as a Switch peripheral, as all previous Switch hardware has used the HAC prefix."

The last Nintendo Switch controller - HAC-042 was a wireless SNES controller for Switch and HAC-043 is also going to be wireless as in the documents "a safety test report of the controller’s wireless signals" were found.

It would be very interesting to find out about the model and design is of the new controller and there are chances that it could possibly be based on an existing one from one of Nintendo's classic consoles.

It has been pointed out that the placement and shape of the labels found on the FCC site generally match with the Nintendo 64 controller's design. See the comparison image here.

However, with the listing being updated, players are anticipating a Nintendo direct event to happen soon that will reveal info on this new Nintendo Switch HAC-042 wireless controller.


UPDATE: 22/09/21

Nintendo Direct 2021 has been announced and the fans can tune in to Nintendo's YouTube channel tomorrow, which is 09.23.2021 at 3 p.m. to get information about the upcoming plans of Nintendo and the Direct will mainly focus on games launching this winter.


There are several other factors that likewise hint that a Nintendo Direct 2021 might happen soon. The Nintendo Direct has a long history of September directs, and even the rating updates for the next Atelier game, and the Castlevania GBA Collection hints at the same.

Moreover, there were rumors of GB imminently coming to NSO and TGS is coming up soon as well, and Nintendo always conducts a Direct before that.

Whatever be the case, be it a Twitter drop, a small teaser, or the much-awaited Nintendo Direct, players can look forward to Friday, September 24 for the reveal of the upcoming new Nintendo Switch controller.

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