FIFA 22 FUT Draft rewards changes revealed by leaker

FIFA 22 FUT Draft rewards will have new changes to it, which has come as exciting news for the fans.

FIFA 22 FUT Draft rewards
FIFA 22 FUT Draft rewards

FIFA 22 is set to release soon, and fans are more than excited to plunge into one more period of trading and swapping FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Players have a lot of new substance to explore along with the additions of FUT Heroes and some new ICON cards.

FIFA FUT Draft was added to the game as an approach to acquire pack rewards rapidly as unlocking a pack is a major element in Ultimate Team. In any case, fans have been demanding changes to FUT Draft rewards for some time as the rewards are generally disappointing and have made players abandon the mode. 

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Nonetheless, as per the latest FIFA 22 leaks, the FIFA 22 FUT Draft rewards will see a redo that fans have been calling for.

FIFA 22 FUT Draft

FUT Draft is an Ultimate Mode where 15,000 coins and 300 FUT points are spent by the gamers to construct a team without any preparation while utilizing a series of random player picks. And after choosing the players of the team to play in up to four matches, the gamer is rewarded, and the rewards get increased with the number of matches that they dominate without losing. 

Yet, these random opening of FUT packs implies that the items rewarded during the matches aren't generally good enough, which results in the gamer abandoning the FUT Draft mode. 

Furthermore, regardless of whether any player wins the Draft by beating simply four opponent teams in succession, they will see that they have recovered their 15,000 coins and 300 FUT points. 

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Changes in FIFA 22 FUT Draft rewards

EA is hoping to address this issue by adding new rewards to be won as per known Ultimate Team leaker, FutSpy. The leaker revealed code implying that FIFA 22 FUT Draft rewards will now have a few cards of an ensured rating, including some of 82 or higher and some of 83 or higher rating. 

These new changes will definitely help EA bring back the interest of players in FIFA FUT Draft mode, and indeed it will have substantially more shot at being worth 15,000 coins.

This new FIFA 22 leak is indeed a piece of exciting news for the fans as they have been eagerly waiting to see new changes with FIFA 22 FUT Draft rewards.

However, it is suggested that players take this information with a grain of salt as EA has not commented whether the leak is true or not. Whatever be the case, we will keep you updated.




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