LoL player Toyz arrested for drug trafficking (marijuana)

LoL player - Curtis 'Toyz' Lau has been arrested by Taichung District Police on suspicion of drug trafficking on 29 September. 

Curtis 'Toyz' Lau arrested
Curtis 'Toyz' Lau

Taipei Assassins' mid laner, Curtis 'Toyz' Lau joined the team back in 2012 and turned into the main figure with the Season 2 World Championship run. 

However, as per the recent reports from Daily Esports, the 29-year-old Toyz has been arrested by Taichung District Police. 

Officials have found marijuana at Lau's apartment which proved that he had intentions to sell it. Police discovered the drugs in his New Taipei home after a court order was given the other day. Hence he was charged for dealing drugs and has been arrested. 

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Taichung District Prosecutor’s Office's Chief Prosecutor affirmed the search of Lau's apartment, as per the reports of Taiwan English News and China Times. The test regarding the drug consumption by Lau has been done and the police have asked Taichung District Court to keep him detained. 

As per the rules and regulations in Taiwan, marijuana has been delegated a Class 2 illegal drug, and having an illegal drug with the goal to sell a class two narcotic can convey a most extreme five-year sentence with a fine of up to 5,000,000 New Taiwan dollars (around $200,000 USD). 

The rule is mentioned under the region’s Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act, which was last amended in January 2020. 

Toyz has transformed himself into a content creator after his team's 2012 title, and Lau has been in the top tier of League of Legends for quite a while. Toyz has a customized Orianna skin in League of Legends, celebrating Taipei Assassins' unbelievable Worlds 2012 victory. Currently, Lau has around 700,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, and about a similar measure of followers on Instagram, with 422K on Facebook. 

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