Rekkles leaving G2 Esports - Fake News

The reports of LoL player - Rekkles leaving the G2 Esports team are fake news.

Rekkles - G2 Esports
Rekkles is not leaving G2 Esports

G2 Esports is probably going to have a serious time with the next major exchange market. Carlos Rodríguez 'Ocelote' has reported a future rebuilding of the teams subsequent to ranking down to Fnatic at the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) playoffs.

However, after the announcement, no announcements were made about the players. In any case, a recent report from Dot Esports claimed that Rekkles will leave the team with TSM and Vitality being the possible purchasers.

But to counter the hypothesis, G2 Esports' CEO, CarlosR ocelote tweeted back promptly, thrashing it as complete nonsense. 

The rumors about Rekkles leaving G2 Esports' League of Legends team created commotion in the whole community as Rekkles is perhaps the most prominent player in the League of Legends landscape. This implies that any news encompassing him leaving or joining a group will undoubtedly create a ruckus. 

Moreover, for the very 1st time in history, the team is not participating in the Worlds and it was expected that changes will be made in the G2 Esports team. The report claimed that G2 has been holding extensive ADC tryouts with different European bot laners to replace Rekkles, however, they haven't decided on a replacement yet.

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And when rumors started to make rounds that Rekkles is leaving the G2 team, the LoL community was filled with commotion. And soon, G2 Esports' CEO tweeted with respect to the matter and marked it as fake news. 

He further added that they have not started the transfer window yet, so fans should not believe any rumors for now. He even mentioned that they would not block any trade if any players wishes to leave the team. 

Combined with this, he straightforwardly faced trusted media sources like LEC Wooloo, who has been a real hotspot for data for quite a while.

Presently, it is indistinct what G2 Esports has planned for Rekkles and his future will most likely be clear once the League of Legends World Championships is finished. So it will be interesting to see who all are going to be a part of the G2 Esports team with the next exchange market and will remain in the LEC.

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