LoL Sona's rework makes her highest win rate support champion

League of Legends Sona's mini-rework has made her the highest win rate support champion in the game.

League of Legends Sona
League of Legends Sona

Back in October 2020, when League of Legends Seraphine was released in the game, Sona became sort of an afterthought. Seraphine supposedly was ready to do all that Sona could, such as applying crowd control to opponents or protecting teammates, yet, better than LoL Sona. 

However, soon Riot realized the same thing and gave fans Sona rework with patch 11.16, making Sona a bit more powerful to stand apart all alone. 

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Yet, in order to make Sona stand out amongst the rest, Riot might have wrenched up the strength a bit too high, as Sona is presently the most powerful support champion in the game by far. 

League of Legends Sona's win rate

Currently, Sona is the highest win rate support champion for Platinum+ levels of play with the League of Legends 11.18 patch. Moreover, Sona is one of the LoL champions that can be picked above 1% of games worldwide in the solo queue. 

As indicated by an LoL stat tracking site, lolalytics, right now Sona has a 54.14% win rate, and truth be told, Sona completed the two Lol patches, i.e. patch 11.16 and patch 11.17 having the highest win rate for support champions. 

Sona's mini-rework was unmistakably a gigantic achievement for Riot and indeed the devs were successful in creating something that they wished to do when they first decided to adjust her kit. 

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League of Legends Sona presently has a crazy measure of Ability Haste, thanks to her new latent - Accelerando that permits her to turn through her spells amazingly quick. Moreover, Sona's core items - Redemption, and Moonstone Renewer have likewise been buffed in the past few LoL patches, which increases her strength even more.

With Sona's win rate reliably over 53-54%, there are chances that players will probably see some more nerfs later on. LoL patch 11.19 is going to be the last one preceding Worlds 2021 starts off.

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