League of Legends Season 12 VGU coming after Udyr teased by devs

League of Legends Season 12 second VGU, which is coming after Udyr is in development, and Riot has dropped a few teases about the same.

LoL Season 12 Second VGU
LoL Season 12 Second VGU

Riot Games is proceeding with its usual pattern of two VGUs a year in 2022, and LoL Udyr's rework is set to come in the primary portion of Season 12. 

However, with Udyr's rework yet to be released, few details about the second LoL VGU have already been dropped, with lead champion maker Ryan 'Reav3' Mireles sharing a few info on Reddit. 

League of Legends' second VGU of Season 12 is being developed, yet Riot has maintained its silence about the character who is going to get this rework.

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League of Legends Season 12 second VGU

The Second LoL Season 12 VGU is in "very early developments" with developers Daniel 'Maxw3ll' Emmons, Michael 'SkiptomyLuo' Luo, and Gem 'Lonewingy' Lim working on it. 

All of these are well-known developers with Maxw3ll helping in designing Lillia, Yuumi, and Gwen, SkiptomyLuo working on the story for champions like Samira, Pantheon, and Gwen, and Lonewingy has planned the concept for more than 20 LoL champions, from Aurelion Sol to, Vex

Although Ryan Mireles did not reveal about the champion who will be reworked, yet some have been precluded, like Nocturne, Quinn, Skarner, and Shyvana, who all were included on Season 11's VGU survey, won't get any rework. Moreover, Teemo rework is also not happening with LoL Season 12. 

Reav3 also mentioned that Shyvana was high on Riot's rundown of VGU targets, yet the measure of assets expected to do it close by Udyr's was a lot to bear in a year. He said, "Had Udyr not won, we may have worked at [Shyvana] as the second VGU since she is additionally popular with players. Doing two various structure VGUs straight would have been a colossal measure of work, particularly for our outsourcing accomplices who assist us with the skins".

Moreover, Dr. Mundo, who was included on the Season 9 VGU survey, was likewise reworked recently, returning Riot to the starting point. So, this time, rather than surveying players, devs are searching inside for motivation. 

Reav3 Ryan said, "We additionally were really tied on design assets when we began that venture, so we needed to pick something that wasn't like a full pack makeover that would require a huge load of design time". 

He further added, "Now and then an artist or designer is truly enthusiastic with regards to a particular VGU applicant and pitches a plan or draws some truly cool idea, and in case it's truly thrilling and the group is additionally truly eager to work at it, it normally prompts a greater and high-quality project." 

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