A Star Wars Game by Quantic Dream will probably be known as Star Wars Eclipse

A Star Wars Game by Quantic Dream is under development, as per the recent rumors.

Star Wars game
Quantic Games' Star Wars game

A Star Wars game is under development as per the recent rumors, and the developers behind widely praised titles like Heavy Rain, and Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream is working on it. 


UPDATE: 13/11/21

Jeff Grubb, who is known for having exact insider data has uncovered new insights regarding this new Star Wars game during his latest podcast on GrubbSnax and as per Grubb, the new title For Star Wars new game is called "Star Wars Eclipse", which is set to be announced soon. 

While talking about the Star War Eclipse release, Grubb said, "before the end of the year", which possibly hints at Game Awards 2021 that is always conducted towards the end of the year. 

Moreover, it was recently affirmed that a grandstand of 40-50 games including the new one will be revealed during the show. So, fans will probably know the exact details on this leak soon enough. Additionally, Grubb also accepts that Star Wars Eclipse is set during the High Republic Era, but to be sure on this data as well, fans will have to wait for the final confirmation.


UPDATE: 23/09/21

Recently, Henderson revealed a few more updates on "Quantic Dream's Star Wars Title".

In his recent Twitter post, the dataminer went on to reveal that Quantic Dream was working on the Project Karma/Solstice for the past 2 years and there are chances that this project has been morphed into the upcoming Star Wars title.

However, he warned the fans that he was not sure about it, yet his sources did hit at its possibility as "game engine can not hack an open-world title".


UPDATE: 22/09/21

On September 22, Henderson gave new updates on the new Star Wars game, saying "Quantic Dream is preparing a Star Wars teaser with Unit Image,", the tweet was followed by a link to its website. 

Unit Image has helped in creating numerous video game projects which include trailers for Death Stranding, Far Cry 6, and God of War. So, if Unit Image is involved in this, then fans can expect to get a large-scale Star Wars reveal trailer. 

However, Henderson additionally wrote that "The teaser is pending Disney's approval," which is completely justifiable as the Star Wars brand is intellectually owned by Disney. No further details were shared, yet based on these new rumors it seems like fans could expect a reveal any time soon.


UPDATE: 21/09/21

A new Kokatu report has revealed that Quantic Dream’s Star Wars game is more action-focused.

In the recent post, Kotaku revealed that as per their sources with knowledge of the studio’s development plans, Quantic Dream is definitely working on a new Star Wars game for almost a year and a half. However, the source revealed that the mentioned game will not be the usual type of quick-time-event-driven game.

It was mentioned in the post that the new Star Wars game will have more traditional action gameplay, and there are likewise chances that it will have open-world multiplayer elements.


UPDATE: 20/09/21

Today, Henderson revealed that "Quantic Dream's Star Wars Title Has Been In The Works for 18 Months."

In his recent post, he revealed that he was speaking to someone who has contacts at Quantic Dream has provided some evidence that the Star Wars game by Quantic Dream has been in the works for around 18 months.

Henderson further pointed out the fact that the official Quantic Dream Twitter handle liked a tweet of the Star Wars rumor by the gatepost, however, soon the like was removed. 

So as per Tom Henderson, Quantic Games' Star Wars game is definitely under development and he has found "concrete evidence".


Tom Henderson, a prominent dataminer and reliable industry has recently tweeted an exceptionally fascinating picture including a Detriot: Become Human character with two Lightsabers from Star Wars. 

Henderson didn't give any description along with this tweet to remark on what the picture could mean, however, many immediately derived that this implies that a Star Wars project from Quantic Dream could be in progress.

Moreover, when fans started guessing that the image hinted at a potential Star Wars game being developed by Quantic Dream, Henderson liked those tweets. 

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Recently, Quantic Games job listing was also discovered and it was found that the organization is effectively recruiting for its next-generation ambitious action/adventure AAA game. There are a few job positions presently live on Quantic Dream's site for a future AAA project which likewise hints at a new game like Star Wars. 

A portion of these positions are for Senior Game Designer, Producer, Artistic Director, Lead Game Designer, Senior Writer, and Lead Lighting. Each of the mentioned jobs is for Quantic Dream's next AAA project. 

As per the official job description, the job listing for Lead Game Designer says, "As a Lead Game Designer you will collaborate in the creation of the basic concepts of the game, and will be responsible for the design and fine-tuning of playability. You will be working on an ambitious and innovative project based on interactive narration on a next-generation console."

Moreover, the position for Senior Game Designer in the competitive landscape has the following demands from individuals: "You have solid experience as a Game Designer on a competitive or strategy game where you were in charge of balancing the game."

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Other than that, there is also a position for a Quality Assurance Tester in the organization, and the Required Skills section demands: "ensure the tests of our next games on different platforms such as PS4, Switch, mobile, Next Gen consoles and PC." 

Other than the leaker and the job listing, Lucasfilm Games also recently released a teaser for the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake game during the PlayStation Showcase 2021 recently.

LucasFilm Games has appeared to be extremely open to sharing the Star Wars game license around to different studios lately. Earlier, only publisher EA had the rights to publish the top pick Wars games, which has begun to change in the ongoing months. 

Despite the fact that EA actually has titles that it will keep working on, for example, Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, different organizations, for example, Ubisoft and Aspyr have likewise begun to deal with games in this famous universe.

All of the above-mentioned hints at the arrival of a new Star Wars game, so it will be interesting to see what the fans will get in the future. However, these are leaks and assumptions, so it is suggested that the fans take this information with a grain of salt.

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