Apex Legends Ash - abilities, leaks, skins of Season 11 legend

Apex Legends Ash is probably going to be the next Apex Legends Season 11 legend as per the recent rumors.

Apex Legends Ash
Apex Legends Season 11 Legend Ash has been revealed

Apex Legends Season 10 will reach its conclusion in a few months, however, players have already started anticipating the Apex Legends Season 11 including the battle pass revamp, another Season 11 map, and obviously, the next Apex Legends Season 11 legend. 

A prominent Apex Legends dataminer, Garretleaks, has discovered proof that the upcoming Season 11 Apex legend character could either be Maali or Ash. And there are a lot of rumors about Ash being the Season 11 legend. 

Apex Legends Ash is a mysterious character that showed up as the storyteller for the Apex Legends Legacy gameplay trailer and as the evident host of the Arenas game mode. 

And even though Apex Legends Ash has recently joined the Apex Legends' story, Ash Apex Legends history goes way back to Titanfall 2.

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Let's go through all the details and information that have been revealed so far about the next Apex Legends Season 11 Legend - Apex Legends Ash.


UPDATE: 25/10/21

Apex Legends Season 11 gameplay trailer


UPDATE: 21/10/21

Apex Legends Season 11 launch trailer


UPDATE: 18/10/21

Apex Legends Ash confirmed 

Apex Legends Ash being the playable character was confirmed today by Stories from the Outlands episode, "Ashes to Ash," which interfaces a portion of the blank spaces in Ash's timetable. 

Ash can be seen interacting with Horizon's child, Newton Somers while discussing her own demise and the last moments where she tells specialists working on her to transfer her consciousness and brain

From that point things get fluffy and it appears Horizon gets succeeded with awakening Reid's awareness inside the simulacrum Ash, yet from the episode, fans can spot two creatures possessing similar mechanical bodies that are extremely different from each other. 

Known as Dr. Reid before her change, Ash was seriously harmed during a secret operation, which made it difficult to save her body, hence her brain was moved into a Simulacrum, giving her the robot body. Presently, with two different minds between Ash and Dr. Reid, it seems the Simulacrum is on a mission of her own, vowing to free herself of Dr. Reid.

The scenario showcased in the episode seems very different from Apex Legends' other simulacrum, Revenant. While Revenant had his own vicious and intellectually disastrous arousing, acknowledging he was a simulacrum, there never appeared to be numerous characters living within his brain. 

However, players will need to wait for a little while to know whether Ash is a more violent and merciless piece of Reid's mind or something other than.

Whatever be the case, Apex Legends Ash becoming a playable character is now confirmed with the Apex Legends Escape trailer dropping on October 21.

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UPDATE: 02/10/21

Updates on Apex Ash abilities

On October 2, while talking about the next Apex Legends legend - Ash, Garret revealed new Ash ability in his latest video, "a phase dash" which is similar to race portal and ronin from Titanfall.

As per the leaker, Ash's ultimate ability will be phase dash which will allow players to dash in a particular direction and create a portal at the entry and exit, which will additionally give a huge rotational ability. And as fans are already aware that Ash is mentioned in the Outlands story, hence it seems she may just potentially be the next Apex Legends Legend.

About Ash's marked death ability, Garret stated, "a lot of people pointed out this huge area of effect is actually a mode from Titanfall 2 which makes sense for ash".

However, as per Garret this marked death ability of Ash will have a huge area of effect where damage will be boosted within a marked area, similar to what he said in the past video, players will be marked until either they fully healed, or until they got killed.

Moreover, adding to his previous statement about the init that could mark the "initialization", he said, "the init is probably the thing that goes off right when you activate it," hence as per the leaker it will be little which will eventually create "a huge flat surface where damage is boosted within the area" and there are additional chances that it would simply create some sort of a ball.

So as per Garret, Ash is the next legend, and Maali will have to wait a bit before getting a release.


Apex Legends Season 11 Legend - Ash

Recently, Garret also talked about the new Apex Season 11 legend - Ash in his latest YouTube video. After going through the game files and discovering more proof, the leaker says that Ash Apex Legend will be the next legend in Season 11

As per GarretAsh is "currently been teased," however he additionally mentioned that "two huge things within the files has actually proved ash is being tested or currently lined up to be the next legend."

The primary thing he found is a line of animation code called 'empty_lights_ash.' The leaker says, "these are empty lights this basically makes the character t-pose when they have no animations active."

The leaker goes on to say that, "every other legend in the game has this which makes you wonder why are animations added when a holograph has no animations."

The subsequent thing he talked about is a holospray. Garret said, "this is a total mistake. They weren't meant to add this, but it's basically showing that Ash will have all these sprays in the future and the only legends can get holospray."

Garret also made a comparison of Apex Legends Ash with Fuse, saying "this is how we found out about Fuse the first time. They actually left the holospray in and this was how we found out about him and they've now done the same with that also." 

The leaker says that this is a confirmation that Apex Legends Ash is the next legend in Season 11.

As per another dataminer, @humansas_, Apex Legends Season 11 legend will be Ash. claims that he has found the lines of code for Apex Ash's holospray.

Yet, players should remember that regardless of how encouraging the signs appear, nothing has been affirmed officially at this point. There are possibilities that neither Maali nor Ash will be the Apex Legend Season 11 legend. 

However, as per these discoveries, the next legend expected to arrive in Apex Legends Season 11 could be either Maali or Ash.

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Apex Legends Season 11 Legend - Ash's abilities

Garret talked about Ash's abilities in his YouTube video posted on September 20. He revealed that he has found files called "ash mark death" and there are two things under this - a sphere and a disc.

He found codes: ash_markdeath_disc_ground and ash_markdeath_inti _ring_sphere

The leaker mentioned that it is a similar ability that Revenant originally had in the files called where he tagged someone for 10 damage and they would be marked until either they fully healed, or until they got killed.

Garret further added that init could mark the "initialization" and it will be the start of the ability that can probably come out in "some sort of ore" and the ash mark death disc ground could likely be what comes after "the ball".

The leaker speculates that maybe "the ball splashes against something, marking the death and it could increase the damage against the enemies".

Apex Legends Ash's Story

Apex Legends Ash previously showed up in Titanfall 2 as an enemy pilot, a simulacrum working for the mercenary Kuben Blisk. She's on the chase for Titanfall 2's hero, Jack Cooper since she needs to hand him over and gather the bounty on his head. 

Apex Legends Ash
Apex Legends Ash

However, after being crushed by Jack Cooper in Titanfall 2 on Typhon, many accepted that Apex Legends Ash will be annihilated. Yet, she was remade by Vision Dynamics to serve their inclinations and then Ash Apex Legends was not a part of the Apex Predators. 

A few years after the fact, Apex Legends Ash's head was tossed into a blue energy mass by Kuben Blisk, the head of the Apex Predators. This was apparently done as a final desperate attempt to satisfy a hidden plan. 

Kuben Blisk's activities prompted Ash's head to be shipped to Kings Canyon in the year 2730 and made it split into nine separate pieces and Apex Legends Ash was long gone from that point until Apex Legends Season 5 when players constructed her head again in the Broken Ghost quest. 

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After that players were able to hear a few voice lines that could play as players moved toward Apex Ash's body, yet when her head was reestablished, she would say "all roads lead to Branthium," and afterward welcomed the player to Olympus, and these events took place months before the Olympus map was unveiled in Season 7

Apex Legends Ash next showed up in a Season 6 comic, where Pathfinder presented her as his better half. A Pathfinder voice line that can play when moving toward Hammond Labs on Olympus says he discovered Ash in a dumpster outside of the labs. She had lost her memory, yet Rampart incidentally reestablishes those recollections when meeting her interestingly. 

Apex Legends Ash runs the underground deathmatch Arenas game mode that players can partake in. She needs to bring these deathmatches to the Apex Games, yet past that her objectives are hazy. 

So it will be interesting how her story will uncover in the upcoming game.

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