Riot are nerfing Soraka in World update - LoL patch 11.19

League of Legends Soraka is currently the best support champion with an incredible win rate, however, soon she will get sizable nerfs to lower down her power.

League of Legends Soraka nerf
League of Legends Soraka nerf in LoL patch 11.19

Back in February 2009, Riot introduced Soraka in the game. However, when the LoL champion was introduced, she was a support champion.

Soraka's "super-healer" personality in League of Legends has regularly had one major counter: Grievous Wounds. Healing cut items like Morellonomicon is the basic nature of the Starchild. 

In any case, with LoL patch 11.18, everything changed. LoL Soraka's first significant balance change since LoL patch 11.4 enabled her to cleanse Grievous Wounds with her ultimate move - Wish. 

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It may appear to be a little change, yet it has changed League of Legends Soraka from average to being the best champion in League of Legends. 

Currently, LoL Soraka is the best support champion as the LoL patch 11.18 extremely modified her build stat. League of Legends Soraka's win rate of 53.46% is the second most elevated in the support role, after Lol Amumu, who is at 53.56%. 

LoL Soraka's win rate increased by 2.5% as well, the highest in the most recent update 11.18, making her surpass Sona's win rate. 

Nonetheless, with her play rate now in the best 10 (up to 7.80% from 4.73%), the blend of the two has changed Soraka into an LP-gaining machine at all positions.

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The insane increase in LoL Soraka's build with the cleanse has opened up a universe of opportunities for Soraka as well as her teammates. 

Soraka's cleanse move cleans Grievous Wounds, healing everything until it's reapplied. Different LoL champions such as Aatrox, Olaf, and Sylas (Drain tanks), Vladimir and Swain (Mages), and Samira and Draven (Healing AD carries) have had the option to take advantage of the changes in Soraka's build as well. 

League of Legends Soraka nerfs coming in the next Worlds update

LoL Soraka would most certainly be spreading the word about her essence at Worlds 2021 without getting any changes, however, Riot is all set to nerf Soraka in the upcoming World update or League of Legends patch 11.19

Nerfs to the base heal on her ultimate will decrease its power after the cleanse goes through. Be that as it may, with the LoL Soraka's cleanse staying until further notice, it's reasonable that Soraka will be a top-level pick for the patches to come.

Hence, there could be no greater chance to get the Starchild Soraka for some easy LP. 

LoL Soraka nerfs for LoL patch 11.19 

R: Wish 

Base heal: 150/250/350 >>> 130/215/300

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