Nintendo Switch OLED model's first look revealed in Japan

The Nintendo Switch OLED has been showcased in Tokyo, Japan, before the official release.

Nintendo Switch OLED
Nintendo Switch OLED

Despite the fact that Nintendo has officially announced that the Nintendo Switch OLED will be released the next month, yet a few fans in Japan had the opportunity to see the OLED console on full display early. 

Recently, Nintendo Tokyo had a presentation displaying the new Switch OLED console and some Twitter users had the option to get a few images of the same.

The Switch OLED model was originally only shown in behind doors previews to news publications. However, Nintendo is finally showing it to the general public. 

One of the individuals who were able to capture the Nintendo Switch OLED console was Alex Aniel - business manager of Limited Run Games. In a few pictures, the OLED can be seen with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the screen. 

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The pictures shown above won't do equity to the new Switch's OLED screen which can show higher contrast than a standard showcase and the new consoles have addressed the updated designs and the new dock has been seen with the promotional pictures.

Nintendo Switch OLED console

The upcoming Nintendo Switch console will have the below-mentioned feature:

  • a 7-inch OLED screen
  • 64 GB of internal storage
  • a movable stand
  • a dock with a wired LAN port
  • an upgraded audio system that uses onboard speakers (both tabletop and handheld modes). 

Nintendo Switch OLED release date and price

Friday, 8th of October 2021 has been announced as the official Nintendo Switch OLED release date, and the OLED consoles are currently accessible for pre-order.

Nintendo Switch OLED will cost $349.99, however, many retailers are out of stock as of now. 

Moreover, Nintendo recently declared plans of an extremely durable value cut for the Nintendo Switch. Nonetheless, this will just apply to regions in Europe and it is clear that Nintendo is not planning to bring down the cost in the United States. 

Additionally, there have been rumors that fans might be getting somewhat more nostalgia with Nintendo potentially carrying games from the N64 to the Switch.

However, what the upcoming Nintendo OLED console has in store for its users is yet to be seen. Till the time fans can enjoy the current games, and there are a ton of games planned for the fans in the upcoming months.

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