Respawn are teasing Titanfall 3 with most recent tweet

Titanfall 3 might actually be in the works as suggested by the recent cryptic tweet from Respawn Entertainment. 

Titanfall 3
Titanfall 3 is probably under development

It's been been a long time since Titanfall 2 was first released and fans have been longing for the Titanfall 2 sequel, that is Titanfall 3 for quite a long time. And both Respawn and EA are completely aware of fans' demands.

Be that as it may, while both the organizations have recognized fans' interest, Respawn currently appears to be completely occupied with its popular title, Apex Legends

Titanfall 2 was released back in 2016, however, the game didn't exactly hit the popularity that was anticipated from it and while it wasn't promptly well known, the title did eventually reached its peak and was perhaps known as the best shooter of the time.

Titanfall 2 is based upon the one-of-a-kind mechanics that was available in the first Titanfall, yet the Titanfall 2 has its very own portion of the system and is released on a bigger number of platforms as compared to the primary game, Titanfall. 

Back in April 2021, rumors started to make rounds that Titanfall 3 was under development by Respawn, however, soon the company reverted back to the rumors and clarified that Titanfall 3 isn't being developed. 

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However, a new tweet from Respawn has again started the rumor mills and fans are speculating that they are covertly working on the much-awaited Titanfall 2 sequel - Titanfall 3. 

In the tweet, Respawn expressed that Titanfall is in their DNA. And even though they didn't really come out and say that they were working on something, the last line of that tweet gave heed to a great deal of theory. 

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Moreover, players also got to see a new Nvidia driver leak which uncovered a ton of unannounced gaming titles and as Titanfall fans must already be aware, Titanfall 3 was one of them. While this doesn't affirm the fact that Titanfall 3 is under development, yet it does additionally supports the ongoing rumors about a potential Titanfall 2 sequel. 

Yet, the tweet seems to be a response to the overall spread of a quote from a September 20 live stream, where community coordinator Jason Garza clearly mentioned that anything related to Titanfall is currently not in progress. 

During the live stream, fans of the series requested Jason's remarks on Titanfall and he reacted in quite a straightforward way, saying "Don’t get your hopes up, man. I’ve said this before. We don’t have anything in the works. There’s nothing. There’s nothing there. We’ve got too many other games in the works right now."

Moreover, back in February 2021, while speaking with IGN, Laura Miele, EA's chief studio officer who has been with the organization for almost 14 years, clarified that it's up to Respawn if another Titanfall game occurs and Respawn has full control of the series and its future. 

She said, "That team will determine what the future holds for Apex and Titanfall. I don’t believe in directing or telling games teams what to create, it has to come from the player community, and the inspiration and motivation of developers."

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So, fans can only hope and expect a Titianfall 3 news sometime in the further, yet they should remember that the tweet could simply mean it will come eventually and it's not completely abandoned.

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