TFT patch 11.19 to nerf Draven and buff Riven, Nidalee, more

TFT patch 11.19 is around the bend, and Riot is planning to go with little buffs, nerfs, and a small addition of meta.

TFT patch 11.19
TFT patch 11.19

TFT Reckoning Championship is around the bend, and the developers are reluctant to stir up the meta to an extreme. Nonetheless, they do have two objectives for TFT patch 11.19. The developers are planning to:

  1. Buff underpowered and underplayed comps to allow for even more ways to play
  2. Continue making small changes to tighten the meta

It may sound pretty small, however, the changes and advancements Riot is planning are not basic at all. Dawnbringer is being buffed, Reroll is getting more nerfs, and some old champions may get added to the meta once more. 

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While TFT 11.19 patch may not be the "Worlds update", yet the standard that Riot has in mind ⁠includes Riven, Nidalee, Yasuo, Draven, however, it's not all negative. 

TFT patch 11.19

TFT patch 11.19 is set to begin on Wednesday, 22nd of September 2021, completely on schedule. It is expected that the servers will go down at 5am local time, and will open up again at 8am. 

The TFT patch 11.19 will primarily roll out in the Oceania region first, with notes regularly dropping as the update begins in Australia. Then, after 24 hours, the worldwide rollout will begin. 

Upcoming TFT patch 11.19 changes

LoL Draven nerfs

The Draven buffs in TFT patch 11.18 have demonstrated to be excessively powerful for the Forgotten carry. LoL Draven returned with retaliation with an enormous buff to his base AD and Spinning Axes damage after being outmatched by Aphelios and Lucian in Set 5.5. 

Riot is planning to change a vast majority of the changes that came with TFT patch 11.18. Implying, the players will get LoL Draven nerf. While his base AD will stay at 95, the damage from his Spinning Axes will take a major cut with lessened scaling. 

Forgotten counterpart Thresh is additionally expected to be nerfed, with the developers featuring them in their September 17 preview. Nonetheless, it is still not known what the exact changes will be. 

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LoL Dawnbringer addition in meta

With the TFT patch 11.19, there are chances that players might get the LoL champion - Dawnbringer back. 

While Dawnbringer has fleeted all through the meta with various carries, in Set 5.5, yet, it has never been as powerful as it might have been in Reckoning. 

Riven, Nidalee, and Karma buff

Other than the nerfs and Dawnbringer addition to meta, Riot is also planning to buffs three essential carries in Riven, Nidalee, and Karma. 

Almost with every TFT patch, Karma gets buffed, and this time also, LoL Karma is getting one more 10 damage buff, essentially returning to her unique patch 11.12 nerf that removed her from the meta. 

LoL Riven will be receiving more bonus AD at three-star, while LoL Nidalee will be getting more attack speed bonuses when covered. These changes will truly influence the units in the late game, however, it may give Dawnbringer the necessary support to remain steadfast past Stage 5.

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New Kha'Zix and Vayne reroll comp 

While not actually coming in TFT patch 11.19, the forthcoming B-patch will focus on some rising stars, for example, the new Kha'Zix and Vayne reroll comps. 

Riot decreased both one-cost units' power at three-star, basically zeroing in on their damage ability. 

Moreover, the B-patch which dropped on the 15th of September also had changes to Yasuo and Assassins' traits. 

And although there are no updates on Ashe and the Skirmisher traits on the PBE, yet buffs to both these champions are additionally expected in the update. Moreover, Tristana and Heimerdinger are likewise expected to get some changes. 

As per an LoL dedicated site, Surrender at 20, the following changes will be made to LoL champions with TFT 11.19 patch:

Tier 1

  • Kha'Zix
    • Damage lowered from 250/350/550 to 250/350/500
    • Isolation damage lowered from 750/1050/1650 to 750/1050/1500
Tier 2
  • Sett
    • Damage reduction increased from 20/25/30 to 20/25/40

Tier 3

  • Nidalee
    • Attack speed increased from 30/50/70% to 30/50/75%
  • Riven
    • Bonus AD increased from 90/100/110% to 90/100/115%
Tier 4
  • Draven
    • % AD lowered from 170/180/400% to 140/150/400%
    • Damage lowered from 150/225/900 to 125/200/700
  • Karma
    • Damage increased from 230/290/850 to 230/300/850

There were the complete details about TFT patch 11.19 buffs and nerfs. Keep visiting for more LoL updates. 

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