VCT APAC LCQ 2021 team allocation changed

Valorant's Last Chance Qualifier APAC team allocation has been changed and the announcement of new teams will be made soon.


Recently, Riot Games announced that they have changed the regional allocation of teams in the Asia-Pacific: Last Chance Qualifier.

As per the official post, the team of Valorant revealed, "The team allocation of the VCT APAC LCQ will be updated due to logistical issues that have the potential to impact the overall competitive integrity of the tournament."

It was announced that the regions that were allocated to China will now be distributed among different regions, and as a result, players will get to see new teams from the region:

  • Southeast Asia - 3
  • Korea - 3
  • Japan - 3
  • South Asia - 1

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It has additionally been revealed that the famous Japanese team - ZETA DIVISION who is also one of Japan's Masters Berlin representatives, have likewise pulled out of the VCT APAC LCQ.

The ZETA DIVISION made an official statement regarding the same and noted, "ZETA DIVISION has decided to decline the APAC Last Chance Qualifier (APAC LCQ) for a qualifying match in the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour – Champions."

While giving the reason for the withdrawal, the team said, "We decided to rebuild the team that we had been considering more in advance, including players, coaches, and management, and decided to devote the time until the start of the 2022 season to the preparation period for long-term success in the Valorant scene in the future."

However, Riot Games has expressed that they will affirm the three new groups to take part in the competition in the coming days. 

And as per the recent rumors, there are chances that Valorant fans will get to see the following mentioned teams of Japan and Korea. The teams included in the Last Chance Qualifier from Japan and Korea will be:




  • NUTURN Gaming
  • F4Q

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Whatever be the case, fans will soon get the official announcement of upcoming teams in the VCT APAC LCQ 2021 as the 10-team VCT Champions qualifier tournament will begin on the 11th of October and will be finished on the 17th of October 2021, and the winning team of the tournament will qualify for the year-end event.

The only change that has been made for the VCT APAC LCQ 2021 is one new South Korean team and two new Japanese teams, as the format of the tournament has not been changed, and players will see a 10-team double-elimination event with the higher seeds allocated by circuit points.

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