Warzone All Hallows Eve Halloween event - Donnie Darko skin & Ghostface Scream skin leak

Call of Duty: Warzone Donnie Darko skin is going to be the next major addition to the game conceivably for a Halloween event. 

Warzone Donnie Darko skin
Warzone Donnie Darko skin leak

Call of Duty: Warzone is continuously changing and developing to keep the game inclination new and to ensure that players keep on signing in to the game. These updates incorporate hotfixes and period changes to make the game better and fix issues like bugs and glitches, however for most fans, the enormous changes come along with a new season. 

At regular intervals, a seasonal update is dropped by devs in Call of Duty: Warzone, which adds another playable character like the season 5 operator Kitsune, along with new battle pass items, cosmetics, maps, and much more. 

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In any case, similar to other live-service games, Call of Duty: Warzone likewise utilizes different holidays to include uncommon and limited-time modes or themed content. For instance, Raven Software brought new bundles for the players to buy into the online store including horror movie skins like Leatherface, the last Halloween. 

Moreover, an extraordinarily limited-time mode called Haunting of Verdansk was also released in the game, including a trick or treat style scrounger chase. And now a new CoD leak appears to hint at some fascinating new designs for Halloween 2021. 


UPDATE: 08/10/21

Although Warzone Ghostface Scream skin has been revealed officially, yet it is currently not accessible to the players. However, as usual with hacking in CoD games, once again hackers got access to the Ghostface Scream skin earlier, and a Reddit user was able to capture the hacker using the Warzone Scream skin.

In the image above, players can spot the amazing-looking Ghostface skin and even an impressed fan commented below the post saying, "Finally a skin worth spending CoD Points on." And as the reveal made by the Call of Duty Twitter account, there are possibilities that the skin will be available when The Haunting goes live on the 19th of October 2021.


UPDATE: 07/10/21

Call of Duty Warzone Ghostface has been officially confirmed and players will be able to see it in the game on October 19.


UPDATE: 06/10/21

Call of Duty Warzone Ghostface has been in rumors for quite a while and now after much speculation, this very Ghostface skin was affirmed on October 6.

A new in-game glitch even gave players a look at the upcoming operator and indeed it has a creepy look.  

Additionally, the Donnie Darko has also been confirmed to be coming to Warzone Season 6.


As indicated by a prominent leaker Nanikos, Call of Duty: Warzone is preparing for another unique Halloween season with Warzone Halloween skins dependent on horror movies. Nanikos found code referring to 'Donnie' in the game's file which normally persuaded a great many people to think that it was regarding Donnie Darko, the 2001 film. 

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The files that were found reference an emblem, wrist accessories, and a calling card, fundamentally things related to a full Operator skin. 

Currently, Activision has not made any announcement regarding the yearly All Hallows Eve event, and hence we don't have any specific CoD Warzone Halloween event release date. However, this recent CoD Warzone Donnie Darko leak isn't the primary reference that the players have found to potential Halloween content. 

Only half a month prior in the game's records, the term 'Ghostface' was found, which by all accounts is a conspicuous reference to the Scream enemy. Like the 2020 event, it appears that players will have somewhere around two Halloween-themed Operator skins to pick from. 

Whatever be the case, players will need to wait for Activision to make some official announcements about this CoD Warzone Donnie Darko Halloween skin. Till that time fans should take this information with a grain of salt.

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