CoD Mobile Season 9 - release date, weapons, battle bass, theme, more

CoD Mobile Season 9 is set to release soon and few details have been revealed about this upcoming season already.

CoD Mobile Season 9
CoD Mobile Season 9

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 is coming closer to its end and the next CoD Mobile Season 9 is set to release soon, so, fans have been waiting to know what the devs have to offer in this upcoming Season of CoD Mobile.

Devs have already given a glimpse of the new substance coming next season, having a new Battle Pass, unique weapons, thrilling events, and much more. Moreover, Season 9 is set to bring the spooky Halloween season, including creepy maps upgrades to a frightening "Nightmare" theme.

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So, let's get to know what CoD Mobile Season 9 has in store for its players. From new maps, weapons to battle pass, and much more.  

CoD Mobile Season 9 Release date 

Wednesday, October 20 has been announced as the official CoD Mobile season 9 release date, and after the termination of Season 8 Battle Pass, Season 9 will begin immediately. 

Players will probably be able to download the new patch at the following time:

  • 5PM PT
  • 8PM ET
  • 1AM BST (October 21)

CoD Mobile Season 9 Theme

The Halloween season has already taken over Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, and the spooky season will take over CoD Mobile as well. 

The CoD Mobile Season 9 theme is full of thrill as the Halloween theme gives off an impression of being in full impact. From spooky skins to frightening menus, the CoD Mobile Nightmare theme is set to bring in a fun experience. 

The Chinese form of the game has effectively given the primary look of the poster and affirms that Nightmare is indeed the CoD Mobile Season 9 theme. 

CoD Mobile Season 9 Weapons

CoD Mobile Season 9 is set to bring two new weapons into the game, however, the veterans of the series will be able to recognize them.

  • CoD Mobile Season 9 Thumper Weapon

Up first is the Thumper, a dangerous Grenade Launcher that is highlighted in various mainline CoD titles. Scoring an immediate hit with a shot, players will get a single shot kill by using the Thumper. 

  • CoD Mobile Season 9 Swordfish Tactical Rifle Weapon

The second weapon to join CoD Mobile Season 9 is the Swordfish Tactical Rifle, and players will soon be able to access it. Black Ops 4 marked the debut of this four-round burst weapon and keeping in mind that it might have a slow rate of fire, yet it packs one amazing punch. 

CoD Mobile Season 9 Maps 

As already mentioned, Season 9 will be filled with Halloween theme content, and COD Mobile has additionally reported a new guide alongside the return of Halloween Standoff. The two new CoD Mobile Season 9 maps will feature nighttime, keeping in accordance with the season's creepy topic. 

  • CoD Mobile Season 9 Hovec Sawmill Map

First up is Hovec Sawmill, a map from Modern Warfare(2019) that will now be seen in CoD Mobile 9. This is going to be a medium-sized map having different paths, openings for both indoor and outdoor activities, and a blend of verticality.

Players should make certain to wrench your splendor up, as the CoD Mobile Hovec Sawmill map is set around nighttime, fitting the Halloween theme. 

  • CoD Mobile Season 9 Halloween Standoff Map 

Next up is the arrival of Halloween Standoff in CoD Mobile Season 9. Players have high expectations from the Halloween-themed Standoff as the original version of the map was one of the top choices for CoD players. 

CoD Mobile devs have teased that players will get some new content in the latest version of the Halloween Standoff map, however, the functioning of the map will be similar to the past. 

We'll make certain to update the article whenever the devs reveal these new components or easter eggs. 

CoD Mobile Season 9 Undead Siege 

The Undead Siege mode that was re-launched in Season 6 wasn't accessible in Season 8. However, being an ideal fit for the Halloween theme, players will once again get to access the Undead Siege mode in CoD Mobile Season 9. 

The declaration of CoD Mobile Season 9 Undead Siege mode was made via the official COD Mobile Twitter handle

CoD Mobile Season 9 Battle Pass 

On October 18, devs affirmed that a new Operator Skill will show up in the CoD Mobile Season 9 Battle Pass. The entire team of the player will instantly get full health with the usage of TAK 5 Operator Skill, and it even overheals an additional 50 HP on top. 

Moreover, with CoD Mobile Season 9 Halloween theme, players are expecting that a lot of spooky skins will be packed into the new Battle Pass. And the recent leak from the Chinese server has also revealed every one of the CoD Mobile Season 9 characters for the next Battle Pass. 

Owners of the premium Battle Pass can even acquire an epic tier-50 blueprint and in the leaked images, players can spot the CoD Mobile Season 9 operator skins for:

  • Scylla
  • Artery
  • Rott
  • Nikto

Moreover, players can also spot their weapons, where Rott is holding FR.556 epic blueprint, while Nikto is having DR-H in his hands. The other two weapons are hard to tell, yet Swordfish will probably be one of these weapons that should be added to the Battle Pass. 

There were the complete details about CoD Mobile Season 9, release date, maps, weapons, battle bass, theme, and more that have been revealed so far. 

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