Genshin Impact Ms Hina - new dog waifu and Gorou's mom

Genshin Impact Ms. Hina is going to be the new dog waifu who will probably be Gorou's family. 

Genshin Impact Ms Hina
Genshin Impact Ms. Hina leaked

Genshin leakers were able to dig up some new information about the changes and additions that will be added in future updates during the maintenance period of the 2.2 update.

The brand new Genshin Impact 2.2 update added new enemies in the Inazuma region and with different areas having various creatures and characters, and now it seems like miHoYo has no plan to stop adding new faces to the game. 

The Genshin community has been flowing with several 2.3 leaks including the Sumeru regionItto, and Gorou. Now the latest leak is regarding Genshin Impact Ms. Hina.

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Genshin Impact Ms. Hina - the new dog waifu 

The addition of animalistic Genshin Impact characters has been frequent since the time the beginning of Inazuma Archon Quest in Genshin v2.0. Moreover, Mondstadt had catboys and catgirls with the Liyue region having the Adepti characters and Inazuma having numerous new waifus and husbandos propelled by Yokai. 

The latest Genshin 2.3 leaks have revealed info about the new Genshin Impact dog waifu, known as Ms. Hina. A prominent Genshin leaker, Lumie shared a post on Twitter showcasing a new waifu, Ms. Hina, who's was initially nicknamed Gorou's mother. 

The leaked images showcase the character wearing a kimono, having dog ears, and generally a similar shading plan as Gorou, which is the main reason behind fans calling Genshin Ms. Hina Gorou's mother. 

Other than Lumie, another Genshin leaker, Genshin Intel affirmed the name of the new waifu, claiming that she will be known as Ms. Hina. 

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The leaked image is a billboard advertising a shop and the "Ms." in her name could be "Okami-san" in Japanese, which gives players a hint that the new Genshin waifu is the boss of a shop or an inn.

Other than the leaked image and name, we also have "about Gorou voice lines" from Kujou Sara which tells that he's the fifth child of his family which clearly indicates that players will get to see Gorou's family (probably Ms. Hina) at some point in the game. 

Whatever be the case, there are high chances that Genshin Impact Ms.Hina will not be playable in the game anytime soon as the leaks have only revealed the artwork, and the name Ms. Hina, and none of the leaks have claimed that she will be the part of 2.3 update.

Players can only be hopeful to see the playable Ms. Hina in the game soon, however, as always the info is to be taken with a grain of salt as these are leaks that are subjected to change.

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