COD Mobile Blackout map, Battle Royale event and updates leaked

New COD Mobile Blackout map, tremendous Battle Royale updates, and many more changes are coming soon, as per a prominent CoD leaker. 

COD Mobile Blackout map
COD Mobile Blackout map, Battle Royale event and changes coming soon 

Currently, COD Mobile Season 7 is going on in full flow, and a new open test build with content for the next seasons went live, revealing a ton of new substance that players will get to enjoy soon. Players can anticipate new weapons, modes, and maps in the upcoming periods of COD Mobile

Dataminers are additionally working diligently, and many leakers have revealed details that have been surfacing online for quite some time, showing tremendous improvements in the camo division. 

Completionist camos on epic and legendary weapons will soon be available for the players to equip in COD Mobile. At present, completionist camos must be equipped with the base variant of each weapon. 

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COD Mobile inventory's each weapon will definitely have an intriguing look to it with the addition of completionist camos to epic and legendary blueprints. 

COD Mobile Battle Royale updates

Dataminers Hole, a prominent COD Mobile leaker has posted a series of tweets and every one of them talks about the changes that are going to the Battle Royale mode in the new future. 

The files found in CoD mobile records have revealed areas from the Blackout map, which recommends COD Mobile is adding the first Black Ops Battle Royale map to the game. 

Currently, players have a lot of elements including operators, multiplayer maps, and weapons from the Black Ops series on COD Mobile. The Hades LMG was part of COD Mobile Season 7, and this weapon is from the Black Ops II title. 

So accordingly, it seems like the CoD players will at long last see another map having the original areas like Rivertown and Hydro Dam in the mode. While the leaker has not revealed any data on when this map will be added into the game, yet players can anticipate that it should come around the second-anniversary update, which will occur in October. 

COD Mobile Battle Royale event

Dataminers Hole likewise posted numerous voice lines and subtitles, which are evidently from a forthcoming COD Mobile Battle Royale event. The leaked COD Mobile voice lines are of Captain Price, and it appears as though he is talking about a crisis occurring in Isolated. 

Moreover, there are a few more lines that propose that defense facilities are not dealing with the island and Isolated is getting annihilated soon. 

And since the leak suggests that the CoD Mobile Blackout map will be the new map from the Black Ops series by Treyarch, so there are high chances that this Cod Mobile battle royale event may spell the finish of the Isolated map and acquaint another COD Mobile map in Battle Royale mode.

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