Fortnite China - Fortress Night is shutting down

The Chinese version of Fortnite, that is Fortress Night is shutting down as per the recent updates on the website.

Fortnite China, Fortress night
Fortnite China is shutting down

Fortnite China known as Fortress Night in the Chinese interpretation has many contrasts from the other versions that players around the globe play. There are a few gameplay features that have been instilled in Fortnite China to make it simpler for players and there are no in-game transactions available as per Fortnite-wiki

Players don't get XP following an hour and a half and are not even allowed to contend in quests. Moreover, only the people without real-name verification are allowed to play the game, with minors being allowed to play from 8pm to 9pm on weekends.

Now it has been revealed via the game's official site that Fortnite China will not be accessible anymore. As mentioned above, the Chinese version of Fortnite is not the same as what the remainder of the world plays, and was just accessible by means of an approved Chinese internet service. 

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As per the official declaration, "The test of 'Fortress Night' has come to an end. We will shut down the server in the near future. -" It demonstrates that enlistment of new players and the download entrance will be inaccessible as of November 1 and the login to the game will be inaccessible to existing players on November 15. 

The information was initially brought to attention by arkheops, which was further shared by a solid Fortnite leaker, iFireMonkey. No other data about this has been shared as of now however, keeping in mind the rules and limitations that China has been imposing on the gaming community, there is a high possibility that this shutting down of Fortnite China or Fortress Night is a result of that.

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As per the Fortnite player who initially shared the info, Tencent decided to shut down the Fortnite servers in China because "FNCN (Fortnite China or Fortress Night) is not commercially licensed and it takes money to run the server". 

Whatever be the case, this sudden decision has left the fans and players heartbroken and they are requesting EPIC to at least keep "the game data of these players. If this is not that is technically feasible, then we ask that those featured skin styles be enabled in Fortnite.

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