Daredevil game is reportedly under development

The Daredevil game is potentially under development, and the new partnership has re-ignited the rumors.

Daredevil Game

Marvel has been doing a great job for a long time and outside of their big-screen control with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the long-showing comic media titan have likewise taken players to storm over the most recent 3 years, with the Spider-Man game. 

Recently, Marvel launched the Guardians of The Galaxy game, which allows players to take the role of Star-Lord, and form a team of far-fetched heroes. And now it seems like enthusiasts of Daredevil may at long last have their petitions replied as partnership announcement between Skydance New Media and Marvel Games has brought a new ray of hope.

The rumors about Marvel title dependent on the visually impaired legal counselor from Hell's Kitchen have been circled for a couple of years, without any confirmation given by the devs back then. However, new rumors seemed to express that a Daredevil game was indeed being developed with specific details.

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Today, an almost two-year-old leak has reemerged with the declaration of Marvel's collaboration with Skydance New Media

New Daredevil game leak

The Daredevil showing up in Marvel and Skydance Media's upcoming project is simply theory as no leaker has made any revelations about the release date as of now. So, most probably, the upcoming Daredevil game is in the beginning phases of pre-production. 

Since Daredevil was part of a similar leak as Marvel's Wolverine, fans accept that this collaboration and the official announcement for the Wolverine game further validate its authenticity. The leak revealed that a single-player Wolverine game was in "early, early development" and that player shouldn't expect a "release for 2-3 years." Now that Insomniac Games have reported their forthcoming Wolverine title, so maybe fans will soon get a Daredevil game as well.

No release date or time period has been unveiled at this point, however, the very first leak that was posted back in February of 2020, revealed that the Daredevil game is set for a "2022" release. Strangely, the leak asserts that the reputed Daredevil game would be a multi-platform game and not console-exclusive, claiming the game is set for a release on "PC, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and definitely not Switch."  

Marvel's Daredevil game features 

The leak has further elaborated that the supposed Daredevil game is a "singleplayer narrative-focused game", which is a key trademark in Skydance New Media's vision explanation. Other than this, the leak also suggests that free-roaming would be "only allowed at night" all through the game's open-world with "barely any missions" taking place during the day and the Daredevil game would have an "echolocation type mode" similar to the Batman: Arkham series' Detective Mode.

Other than these features, players will see the personality of Matt Murdock/Daredevil that hasn't been seen since Season 3 of the nominal Netflix show. Now the character is reputed to appear in the forthcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home game, which could kick off Daredevil's popularity once again. 

Moreover, as per a report from Deadline, the new Daredevil game will be a "completely original story." and the cryptic tweet about mysterious Daredevil from Troy Baker's additionally added fuel to the rumors, however, it's still unclear whether the post was intended to just show his fervor for the upcoming project or was it about his involvement in the Daredevil game.  

Daredevil gameplay leaks

The past leaks have claimed the Daredevil game is set in the "modern-day Chicago", which is an altogether different setup from the character’s familiar setting of Hell’s Kitchen, New York. And the game will have an older Bullseye as a villain, who is going to be a new addition to the game.

The size of the Daredevil map will likewise have advantages of next-gen SSD equipment and players will probably get to customize the Daredevil skin with the skill tree system, like that of the Arkham series.

These were the complete details about the Daredevil game, including the leaks regarding its release date, gameplay, features, and much more. 

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