Bloodborne 2, PS5 Remaster, PC Port details leaked

Bloodborne PS5 remaster, PC port, and sequel details have been shared by a prominent leaker. 

Bloodborne 2
Bloodborne 2, PC Port, PS5 Remaster can be coming soon

Rumors and leaks in the field of gaming are nothing new, and now the latest rumor has been making rounds about the upcoming Bloodborne PS5 remaster, PC port, and the sequel, and fans are more than excited about it.

Recently in the Sacred Symbols podcast, Colin Moriarty expressed that Bluepoint Games is bringing a Bloodborne Remaster to PS5, and is additionally going to be the developer behind Bloodborne 2.

Adding fuel to the rumors, now another prominent leaker has made remarks about the Bloodborne PS5 remaster, its PC port, and sequel. Nick, the co-founder of XboxEra and a leaker with a solid track record in the field of gaming is pretty reliable as he has effectively given info about Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut, before its official declaration recently.

And interestingly, his recent leak claims that Bluepoint is making the PS5 remaster for Bloodborne. He additionally revealed that the Bloodborne 2 is in development, with the Bloodborne PC port being completed, however, the organization is holding back the release of the title. 

The conversation about Bloodborne starts at 1:30:29.

Moreover, Baker's leak was additionally posted on the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit by a fan, and then one of its mods remarked that Baker had revealed this data to the subreddit's mods previously. The mod stated, "Just leaving a comment to say that whilst nick didn't comment this leak directly, he has shared proof with us privately and he did hear about these rumours."

The mods additionally expressed that Backer, at that point, said the Bloodborne remaster had been being developed for around 7 months and the PC port and remaster are already finished. Further, a user inquired about the clash with Elden Ring, the mod answered, "Something like that. Can't say specifically, unfortunately." 

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At last, let's be hopeful that the leak regarding Bloodborne 2 with its PS5 Remaster turns out to be true and fans should sit back to see the Bloodborne 2 release happen soon.

However, fans should remember that this is all leak, and we can't be certain that a Bloodborne 2 will at any point really come around. The IP's fame, the incredible interest in the sequel of Bloodborne among the fans, and the developer's eagerness to deal with it, all give us confidence in the release of Bloodborne 2. In any case, the choice at last lies with Sony. 

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