Xbox's Cloud-Based MMO is reportedly under development

Xbox's Cloud-Based MMO is currently under development as per the recent reports and can be played on any device.

Xbox cloud-based MMO
Xbox cloud-based MMO is under development

Xbox is always working on new projects, be it its new consoles, innovative mini-fridges, or exciting games, Xbox is always part of discussion. Now as per the recent reports from two industry insiders, Xbox is working on a new MMO game, which uses the cloud-based technology.

It has been reported that an ambitious cloud-based MMO is being developed and Xbox Game Studios has partnered with Finnish studio Mainframe to work on it. The main motive of both the organization behind developing this supposed title is to give players admittance to a similar game through any gadget.

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As per the known columnist Jeff Grubb from VentureBeat, the project is being created under the functioning title Pax Dei and should additionally fortify the Xbox shared environment, where games target the players in any place that they are. 

Grubb confirmed this news while backing up a previous report from Jez Corden which initially broke the news, adding that he was independently told about the game's presence through his own sources. Moreover, a Windows Central report also revealed that Pax Dei has for sure been enrolled as a trademark by Mainframe, having been allowed through to 2031 beginning this October. 

Both the organizations are planning to blend the best of MMO, portable gaming, and triple-A titles, into a common social sandbox, playable on any screen and the official website has referred to this project as "the game of a lifetime." 

One more significant point that fans should pay attention to is that Grubb revealed that Hideo Kojima may be keen on this tech for his potential forthcoming Xbox game. Beforehand, Kojima has expressed that he needs to fuse constant components into his future games, having parts of it change contingent upon outside elements like where the player resides. 

And this new Xbox cloud-based MMO may be the answer for his aspiring thoughts. However, it will be ideal to wait for the official announcement from Xbox Game Studios and Finnish studio Mainframe as only they can put a stamp to the rumor. 

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