Summit1g talks about not playing the New World game

Jaryd 'Summit1g' Lazar, the former CS:GO player and a popular Twitch streamer gave his remarks on not playing the New World game.

Summit1g streamer
Summit1g clarified why he is not interested in New World

New World, the popular title from Amazon Games Studio got a decent beginning as back in July it surpassed the no of viewers of Call of Duty Warzone on Twitch. New World's closed beta play was released on July 20 and on July 21, New World held the 1st position on Twitch's most-viewed page.

And even after the release of the game, Amazon Games Studios MMO has gotten a huge load of fan support and praise on the web. 

However, while numerous content creators have started playing and streaming Amazon Games' New World, another streamer, Summit1g actually hasn't been persuaded by the game yet.

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On September 30, while streaming on his Twitch channel, Summit1g talked transparently about his views on the new game and responded to a few fan questions. 

In his stream, while talking about playing New World, Summit1g said, "When it comes to New World, I'm just going to let other people be testing the waters. We'll see if it's good through them, and I don't want to spend my whole day grinding."

The streamer also clarified that games like New World that are tied in with grinding and in the end arriving at some kind of stat cap aren't pretty much as fulfilling as titles that offer more cutthroat experience. 

While comparing New World to other competitive experience games, he said "I'd rather get nice, cheeky 1v1s than 6v6s and sh*t like that." He further added, "That's the thing about MMO's – there's a ceiling and everybody hits it. It means everyone else below them catches up."

Moreover, back in August too, the streamer shared his thoughts about the New World's combat mechanics, and same as now, he was not impressed with it.

He stated, "I honestly don't think it looks incredible. I think aspects to it I like, and aspects to it I don't like, I think it's too basic, and I can't tell the difference between someone PvEing at level 20 vs. level 60."

However, with Summit's remarks, it is clear that he is not joining the game any time soon, yet several other popular streams including Shroud are currently enjoying the massive multiplayer New World game, and fans can only hope that one day Summit also gets convinced by the game.

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