Valorant Agent 17 Chamber - release date, abilities, and more

Valorant Agent 17 Chamber will be joining the game soon, and the devs have shared a few details about the upcoming character coming after Episode 3 Act 3.

Valorant Agent 17 Chamber
Valorant Agent 17 Chamber

Valorant currently has a sum of 16 Valorants agents in the game, with cybernetic initiator KAY/O being the last Valorant Agent 16.

Players have already gotten accustomed to KAYO's effect and were looking forward to the arrival of the next Valorant Agent which was codenamed 'Deadeye'.

There were a lot of rumors about Valorant Agent 17 and players were able to have a look at the Agent 17 Deadeye back in June in the Year One Anthem, and from that point onwards several leaks and rumors have been making rounds on the web. 

However, the next character coming to Valorant soon after Episode 3 Act 3 launches is Valorant Agent 17 Chamber and the devs have dropped a new Valorant Agent 17 Chamber trailer.

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Valorant Agent 17 Chamber

Back on September 27, the devs released a State of The Agents September 2021 post and it was confirmed that the Valorant Agent 17 Chamber is a Sentinel. So, now the French Sentinel Agent and weapons fan, Chamber is all set to join the crew. 

The Valorant next agent has been portrayed as "well dressed and well-armed, French weapons designer Chamber expels aggressors with deadly precision. He leverages his custom arsenal to hold the line and pick off enemies from afar, with a contingency built for every plan." 

In the official Valorant Chamber trailer, players can see that Chamber plays like his German partner, Killjoy who is ideal for players who favor strategic system as he keeps on killing foes from a long way off after catching them while using his extensive weapon kit.

Furthermore, the sniper that Valorant Chamber creates during his Tour de Force extreme will pack one amazing punch, and the Headhunter ability will let players switch between the custom weapons. Adding to this list of great elements, Valorant's Chamber has his Rendezvous teleport, which permits him to get very close and get back out safely.

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Valorant Agent 17 Chamber Trailer

The announcement was made on different social media platforms, with the official YouTube channel dropping a new Valorant L’Accord Chamber Agent Trailer.

Valorant Agent 17 - Chamber Abilities

  • Chamber's Ability 1 

Trademark: this ability of Chamber places a snare that looks out for foes and at the point when an apparent foe comes in range, the snare counts down and afterward destabilizes the terrain around them, making a waiting field that slows down the players that are trapped within it. 

  • Chamber's Ability 2 

Headhunter: Players should activate this ability to equip a heavy pistol and then ALT FIRE with a pistol equipped to aim down sights.

  • Chamber's Ability 3 

Rendezvous: Players are required to place two teleport anchors, one on the ground and in range of an anchor, and then REACTIVATE to rapidly teleport to the next anchor. Anchors can be gotten to be REDEPLOYED. 

  • Chamber's Extreme Ability

Tour de Force: ACTIVATE to gather an incredible, custom sniper rifle that will kill a foe with an immediate hit. Killing an adversary makes a lingering field that slows players caught inside of it.

Valorant Agent Chamber
Valorant Agent Chamber has been revealed

Valorant Agent 17 Chamber release date 

On October 28, Valorant devs announced that the next Valorant Agent 17 "will launch two weeks after the start of EP3 Act III, with Patch 3.10."

In the official post, the devs revealed that they needed some time to complete the development and enhance the quality of the upcoming agent. So, players will now get Valorant Agent 17 Chamber on November 16 along with Patch 3.10, after the arrival of Episode 3, Act 3 on November 2.

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These were all the latest information about the upcoming Valorant Agent 17 Chamber. Keep visiting for more details that will be coming soon.

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