Xbox Series X Mini Fridge - release date, price, pre-order, more

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge has been revealed by Xbox along with its release date, price, and the starting date of pre-orders.

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge
Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

Xbox and PlayStation have carried some inconceivable upgrades to video games, going from completely clear 4K graphics to super-quick SSDs that essentially diminish load times, these new next-gen consoles have brought a major change in the gaming business. 

Along with the remarkable features, these new next-gen consoles also have eye-catching designs, explicitly the Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series X was released at the end of 2020 and had another look contrasted with past Xbox consoles

The Series X consoles were molded like a block, having a straightforward appearance, however, many fans stated that the idea of the rectangular look of the console looks similar to a refrigerator. And the meme of the Xbox refrigerator was a result of this comparison. 

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In any case, Xbox has chosen to take advantage of the ongoing situation and hence has announced a new Xbox Series X Mini Fridge. 

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

Recently, Aaron Greenberg (General Manager of Xbox Games Marketing) took to Twitter and revealed new insights about the upcoming Xbox Series X Mini Fridge. In his recent tweet, Aaron uncovered that subsequent to seeing the fame of the Mini Fridge, Xbox chose to make the meme a reality by releasing the item. 

In his Twitter post, Greenberg stated that he had effectively been trying the unit and the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge "works like a champ." 

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Pre-Order and Price

In the official post, it was revealed that Xbox Series X Mini Fridge pre-orders will go live on October 19 and will be available at $99.99 / £89.99 / €99.

Xbox fans can get their hands on the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge at Target and on in the US, and the residents of Canada can visit to purchase the product. Xbox additionally informed that Xbox Series X Mini Fridge will be available at Game in the UK. 

Fans in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, and Poland should visit GameStop EU, Micromania, and Toynk (via Amazon) to get the product. Moreover, Microsoft additionally stated that it's attempting to supply the Xbox Mini Fridge to different regions.

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Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Specs and Launch Date

Made in organization with Ukonic, the Xbox Mini Fridge holds up to 12 cans of drink and it additionally incorporates a USB port for charging devices. The  Xbox Series X Mini Fridge also has a DC power adapter with the goal that it can work in a hurry. 

Moreover, while revealing specs of the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge, Greenberg stated that "the outer dimensions are 462mm H x 232mm W x 232mm D or 18” H x 9” W x 9” D.  Internal dimensions are 352.3mm H x 174mm W x 175mm D or 13.8” H x 6.8” W x 6.8” D."

He further revealed that the Xbox Mini Fridge has a "10L capacity so can hold ten, 12oz cans. compatible with both AC & DC so can take on the go!"

About the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge launch date, it has been revealed that it will be supplied to different retailers globally in December 2021. Hence, fans will need to wait for a brief time before being able to use the product on their own. 

Last year Xbox made a standard Xbox Series X Fridge which was 6-foot tall and 400 pounds in weight, this item was a useful fridge that seemed to be indistinguishable from an Xbox Series X. Nonetheless, it seems like this new Xbox Series X Mini Fridge may have a bigger crowd because of its more modest size. 

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Fans are already fascinated with Xbox Series X Mini Fridge design and they are more than excited to explore and use this Xbox Mini Fridge on their own. 

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