CoD Mobile Season 10 weapons and grenade leaked

CoD Mobile Season 10 weapons have been leaked early via the test servers, giving players details on what's coming next. 

CoD Mobile Season 10 weapons
CoD Mobile Season 10 weapons leaked

Recently, Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 was released on Oct 20, which is going to end on November 19. Then players will get to enjoy the next CoD Mobile Season 10 from Nov 20, so, fans have been waiting to know what the devs have to offer in this upcoming Season of CoD Mobile.

Noth much has been revealed about the upcoming CoD Mobile season 10 until now, however, players have gotten insights about the Season 10 weapon through the leaks.

An aggregate of four new CoD Mobile Season 10 weapons have been leaked via the Season 10 test server, and the leakers have also revealed their descriptions. 

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So, let's get to know what all CoD Mobile Season 10 weapons are on the list for the players.

New CoD Mobile Season 10 Weapons

The CoD Mobile Season 9 theme brought a lot of thrill as the Halloween theme brought several interesting features going from spooky skins to frightening menus, the CoD Mobile Nightmare theme brought in a fun experience. 

Now the developers are trying new substances for the upcoming season, and players already have an idea of what to expect as the Chinese test server for CoD Mobile Season 10 that went live on November 2, gave a first look at the new weapons and another grenade going to the game.

The four CoD Mobile Season 10 weapons that were revealed via the Chinese test server are:

  • D13 Sector (Launcher)
  • P90 (SMG)
  • PKM (LMG)
  • SVD Dragunov (Sniper)

It is still early days and many CoD Mobile players may definitely realize that two weapons for every season are always offered by the devs. However, as revealed by @codmINTEL on Twitter, players may get to see the PKM and SVD Dragunov in Season 10, and D13 Sector just as P90 in Season 11. 

The leakers additionally revealed the descriptions of these CoD Mobile season 10 weapons,  and as per @DannyINTEL the following are the descriptions:

  • P90 - Submachine gun (SMG): with a large magazine, 5.7 mm bullets that have strong penetrating power and low recoil.
  • PKM - Light machine gun (LMG): extremely powerful, with high mobility, but with little damage to the limbs;
  • SVD Dragunov - Sniper rifle: semi-automatic, with high mobility, but low damage.
  • D13 Sector - Hand grenade launcher: Can launch several frisbees at the same time, and the frisbee, in turn, can bounce off surfaces.

Moreover, as CoD Mobile Season 9 comes to an end, players will not need to pay heriot to Activision to open the new weapons in Season 10. New function weapons have consistently been important for the free battle pass, for some time now.

CoD Mobile Season 10 Grenade 

Other than the mentioned weapons, a new Tactical grenade has likewise been found on the CoD Mobile Season 10 test server.

The only part that was revealed about the CoD Mobile Season 10 grenade via the Chinese test servers is the name - "Decoy Grenade". However, as the name suggests, the Decoy grenade will probably deploy a decoy of the player, which could appear on the radar. 

These were the complete details about CoD Mobile Season 10 weapons, however, these are mere leaks that have come from the test servers and can possibly get changed during the final launch of the next season.

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