New Apex Legends Bloodhound Mythic skin leaked

An Apex Legends Mythic tier has been found by leakers, that could possibly be a level higher than Legendary in Season 11 or after that. 

Apex Legends Bloodhound Mythic skin
Apex Legends Bloodhound Mythic skin has been leaked

Yesterday, Respawn dropped the Apex Legends Season 11 content for the players to explore. The new Apex Legends Season 11 has brought players lots of new content to enjoy, with a new battle pass, a new Strom Point map, and obviously, another Legend - Ash, and Respawn Entertainment's Battle royale is continually developing. 

Apex Legends additionally has skins and gears that go from Common (least level) to Legendary (most noteworthy level). Other than that, players also have Heirlooms that are an exceptional classification for melee weapon skins alongside their respective banner poses and quips.

With all the new info being dropped by the developers, leakers and dataminers additionally work around the clock to bring new content leaks for the fans, and now the latest Apex leak has revealed that there is a new Apex Mythic tier that is being worked on.

Apex Legends Mythic tier leak

As per a prominent dataminer, Shrugtal, there's a possibility that a higher tire skin will get added into Apex's cosmetic system. However, the leaker has not shared many details about this new Mythic tier, yet the data recommend that Bloodhound could get the new kind of skin. 

Apex Legends Bloodhound Mythic skin 

After the Apex Legends Season 11 update, a skin section was found in the in-game files, that hints that a new cosmetic with different levels will be seen in the game soon. While talking about the new Bloodhound Mythic skin, Shrugtal said, "Skin entry added for "Mythic Level 3 Proxytest" for Bloodhound. Possibly some higher than legendary tier being worked on, evolving skins perhaps?" 

The new leak has started the hypothesis that Respawn is conceivably exploring different avenues regarding new cosmetics with various variations to them or skins that could possibly get upgraded through the map.  

Upgradeable skins are not new in the gaming business as several other prominent gaming titles like Fortnite and Valorant have these reactive skins that get upgraded when a player deals damage. 

However, players should keep in mind that these are only leaks for now as these new Apex Legends Mythic skin has simply been found in the in-game file, and Respawn is yet to make any official statement about it, yet, if Respawn somehow is actually making these sorts of Apex cosmetics, then they would have a couple of ways to include numerous 'levels'.

As Apex Legends Season 11 gets in progress, Respawn will certainly add new substance to stir up the game and we will keep updating the article whenever new information about the Apex Bloodhound Mythic skin drops.

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