Mass Effect 4 - release date, poster, trailer, platforms, more

Mass Effect 4 is set to release sometime in the future, yet BioWare has started revealing a few details and teasers about this upcoming sci-fi BioWare sequel. 

Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4

Earlier, due to the poor reception of both Anthem and Andromeda, BioWare was forced to reveal that Dragon Age 4 and Mass Effect 4 were in development, and after the confirmation of Mass Effect 4 being developed, BioWare has released a new poster on their Twitter handle that teases some enticing details. 

The developers also released a Mass Effect 4 teaser trailer back in December 2020, and new data have been shared. So let's get into the details that have been revealed so far about Mass Effect 4, including its release date, poster, trailer, platforms, and much more. 

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Mass Effect 4 Release Date

BioWare is yet to reveal the official Mass Effect 4 release date, so there's no surety whether the next Mass Effect game will be released in 2022, 2023, or much later. 

However, a known industry insider and GamesBeat Editor, Jeff Grubb did claim in the past that the Mass Effect 4 release date won't come until at least 2025. As per Grubb, EA was strongly looking for a tech director for Mass Effect 5, which can possibly become the reason for the delayed Mass Effect 4 release date.

Mass Effect 4 Poster 

On November 8, BioWare released an official next Mass Effect poster that offered more hints at Mass Effect 4. The organization had its N7 Day today, which is the annual BioWare holiday that is reserved for the celebration of everything associated with Mass Effect. 

Hence BioWare released a blog, which stated, "We are, of course, hard at work on the next adventure in the Mass Effect universe. Until then, please accept our most humble thanks to you for accompanying us on this journey."

After the blog post, the developers released the next Mass Effect poster, which had a boat with its crew leaving onto an outsider planet. Close to the lower part of the Mass Effect poster, there is a spaceship with four crewmates strolling toward it. The carter was dedicated in dark shade and it appeared as though it's holding a pool of moving fluid. 

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The poster then has edges, discoloration, and shadows which gives a feeling that the devs have tried to hide something which would be discovered by fans if they take a gander at it from the right point, and as expected, extremely observant fans have zoomed into the poster, revealing the poster showcases a carter that resembles the harmed body of a Geth. 

The Geth was the one who took his stand against their puppet masters in Mass Effect 3, joining the battle against the Reapers, and now it seems like he would be a part of the Mass Effect 4 game. Other than Geth, fans also noted that each of the four characters resembles one of the Mass Effect’s key races. 

The person on the left is more likely an individual from the Krogan race and a human along with an Ansari are moderately clear too. 

Mass Effect 4 Trailer 

Back on December 11, 2020, BioWare released a Mass Effect 4 teaser trailer which was sort of a development affirmation and the trailer showcased the camera floating over different galaxies in space before zooming down into one.

The trailer focused on an Icy planet after passing a star, where an immensely alien aircraft entered into a frosty planet. While this occurs, different voices can be heard portraying vital (yet anecdotal) moments from the history of mankind. 

The teaser probably showcased the Reaper emergency from the first Mass Effect game from the set of three or one of humankind's initial conflicts with aliens as it had space travel, some sort of calamity, along with first contact with alien life. 

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The trailer then showed an individual from the Ansari race ascending a mountain filled with snow, and this female Ansari picks up an item and cleans up the snow to uncover that it is a piece of N7 armor, and the trailer ends up with her smiling down at her finding. 

The item discovered, i.e. N7 armor could be a reference to Ryder from Mass Effect Andromeda, or Commander Shepard, or somebody altogether new, which is yet to be revealed by the developers. However, as per fans' theories, the female Ansari could be Liara T'Soni which seems quite improbable if Mass Effect 4 is a spin-off of Andromeda, as Mass Effect 4 is set an entire galaxy away and 600 years after Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 4 Platforms

Even though BioWare has not revealed any detail on Mass Effect 4 platforms, yet it is expected that the game will be released on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, as the last edition of the game was accessible on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Mass Effect 4 Story

So far, the revealed details and promotional materials hint that Mass Effect 4 will be associated with the first Mass Effect games than the last Andromeda game as the last part of the Mass Effect series wasn't quite as famous as the first three and was mocked a lot at its launch. 

So, there are high chances that BioWare would choose the easy way and return to the primary game of the Mass Effect. However, it is all hypothesis as developers can go with any preferred storyline for Mass Effect 4 and can have the Ryder twins again in the sequel.

However, the developers are yet to reveal the official Mass Effect 4 release date, its characters, location, and much more, so it would be ideal for the fans to wait for official announcements. We'll make sure to update the article with the latest information, so keep following. 

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