Rainbow Six Siege Thorn - loadout, gadgets, gameplay, release date, more

Rainbow Six Siege Thorn has been released officially, and players already have an idea of her gameplay and gadgets.

Rainbow Six Siege Thorn
Rainbow Six Siege Thorn

After a long wait, fans have finally gotten an official confirmation about the next R6 Operation, that is Operation High Caliber. Ubisoft dropped a teaser for the Y6S4 content and teased new details about the next Rainbow Six Siege operation.

Moreover, on November 3, Ubisoft dropped a new Rainbow Six Siege High Caliber operator trailer and affirmed that the next Rainbow Six Siege operator will be known as Rainbow Six Siege Thorn, who will be a Defender from Ireland.

This new Irish operator is the 31st Defender with being the 62nd addition to Rainbow Six Siege. R6 Thorn is set to bring an explosive gadget with shrapnel intended to destroy the opponents. 

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So let's get to know the details that have been revealed so far about Rainbow Six Operation High Caliber Thorn, her gameplay, weapons, release date, and much more. 

Rainbow Six Siege Thorn


UPDATE: 09/11/21

New details about Rainbow Six Thorn have been shared today, during the Sweden Major and it has been revealed that Thorn’s loadout options will have a brand new UZK50GI, along with the M870 shotgun.

Moreover, Ubisoft also shared a new video revealing, Thorn's gameplay, gadget, and much more.


R6 Thorn is set to join Team Rainbow as the most latest Defender, and Thorn's trailer shows her in action against her opponents that is attackers, as they are using all possible methods to breach the map and defeat Thorn

As per the official Ubisoft blog, Rainbow Six Thorn is a "dedicated woman, stubborn, doesn’t take anyone’s rubbish. She’s a good choice for a recruit – you’d have trouble finding another soldier as strong or as smart. Her infamous obstacle course represents her perfectly in that sense, and you said it yourself – that thing’s as hard as it gets."

In the story lore, Ubisoft likewise mentioned that R6 Thorn has four brothers, who are "bullies" and " gave her a rough time". Yet she is helpful and has "got a smile and a hug for her pals".

Rainbow Six Siege Thorn Weapon


UPDATE: 09/11/21

Rainbow Six Thorn's loadout choices have a new UZK50GI and the M870 shotgun and while the shotgun is obvious and is ideal in close proximity areas, the UZK50GI is another SMG that sneaks up all of a sudden. 

Indeed, in spite of being in a weapon class that customarily exchanges stopping power for shooting late, the UZK50GI is an SMG with a low rate of fire, having bigger ammunition to take down the opponents easily. 

Thorn's secondary weapon choices are an automatic pistol or the 1911 handgun

Talking about R6 Thorn's gadget, as leaked earlier, Razorbloom shell is her gadget, while her secondary gadgets are the shield and barbed wire, and the two of them can function great with the Razorbloom Shell.

Rainbow Six Seige Thorn - Primary weapons

  • UZK50GI
  • M870 

Rainbow Six Seige Thorn - Secondary weapons

  • 1911 TACOPS
  • C75 Auto 

Rainbow Six Seige Thorn - Secondary gadgets

  • Barbed wire
  • Deployable Shield


Players can spot R6 Thorn's weapon in the trailer which is a bright and sharp explosive gadget that has the ability to stick to the wall and detonate as the attacker comes nearer to its vicinity. 

Other than the trailer, the teaser video for R6 Operation High Caliber additionally affirmed the addition of a new SMG to the game called the 'SMG5 MK 2'. The title High Caliber was highlighted in the teaser along with an individual holding the "SMG5 MK 2" having a ".50GI" ammo. 

However, Ubisoft is yet to reveal further details about Rainbow Six Thorn's weapon as no other data has been shared till now. 

Rainbow Six Siege Thorn Gadget

Other than the official reveal, other prominent leakers shared info on Thorn's gadget, and as per Siege dataminer, benjaminstrikeRainbow Six Thorn gadget will be known as Razorbloom Shell and it will adhere to a surface and will explode when opponents get in its range.

The explosive will deal huge damage if the attacker is closer to its proximity and blast radius. It is basically a comparative snare to Kapkan's, yet with a short activation time prior to detonating. 

Rainbow Six Siege Thorn Gameplay

Nothing much was shown with regards to Thron's gameplay, but soon Ubisoft will have a compete reveal showcasing Thorn's gameplay. Players will have to wait to see how the Operator uses a yet-to-be-seen SMG in the artistic and cover artwork, yet there are chances that it's some kind of upgraded Uzi. 

However, the complete details on R6S4 High Caliber will be revealed on Day 1 of the Rainbow Six November Major (Sweden) on November 8.

R6 Thorn and Rainbow Six Siege High Caliber will release on the test servers after Sweden Major kicks off, so players should wait till then. Fans can watch the live stream here.

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