New Genshin Impact Dendro Elemental Reactions leaked

New Genshin Impact Dendro Elemental Reactions have been leaked by a prominent leaker.

New Genshin Impact Dendro Elemental Reactions
New Genshin Impact Dendro Elemental reactions can be seen in the game soon

Genshin Impact players are busy exploring the new content in the Genshin 2.3 update, and as always Genshin Impact leaks are consistently flowing in, revealing some additional data regarding the game.

miHoYo has been continually extending the game's gacha pool, and there are huge loads of more characters scheduled to show up in the game in the coming days.

It was rumored that Yunjin would be the next playable Dendro character in the game, but the rumor was clearly proven wrong, as miHoYo officially introduced Yunjin as the coming Geo character. However, now we have a new leak talking about the Dendro Elemental Reactions coming soon in the game.

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New Genshin Impact Dendro Elemental Reactions

Today we had the launch of the Genshin Impact 2.4 Private Beta Test, where the leakers and dataminers were able to dig up some new info about the future content that would be made available in the game.

A known Genshin Impact leaker, Project Celestia took to Twitter and revealed that there is new Dendro Elemental Reactions information available in the 2.4 Beta. Earlier, the leaker stated that these Reactions were termed as "Overgrow" and "Overdose", however, soon she corrected it, and said that these Genshin Dendro Elemental Reactions will formally be translated as “Overgrown” and “Intensified”.

In Geshin Impact, Dendro is one of the seven elements, and we already have certain enemies such as Dendro Slimes and reactions included in the game, however, we are yet to get any Dendro playable characters.

It is expected that these new Dendro Elemental Reactions would be added into the game with the release of the Sumeru region, which is again rumored to be ruled by the Dendro Archon.

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Currently, we have a one-of-a-kind Dendro reaction: Dendro + Pyro = Burning Reaction available in the game, so it is probable the Intensified reaction will be the Dendro + Electro and Overgrown Reaction will be Dendro + Hydro.

There are distinctive kinds of reactions that rely upon the Element that is applied first, so there are possibilities that the new Dendro Reactions will likewise change as per the order.

Moreover, miHoYo recently uncovered that all the different regions of Teyvat would be executed in the game by 2025, so possibly we'll get one area each year in the game. And if that's the case then players can expect to see the release of Sumeru and Dendro at some point in 2022.

However, these are simply leaks and speculations for now, and similar to all the leaks players should this Genshin Impact's new Dendro Elemental Reactions leak with a grain of salt until miHoYo officially reveals any details.

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