Rainbow Six Y7S1 - operation, operator, elite, map rework, release date, leaks

Rainbow Six Year 7 Season 1 will bring a new operation called "Operation Demon Veil", operator, map rework, and much more.

Rainbow Six Y7S1
Rainbow Six Y7S1 details have been leaked

The Rainbow Six Siege's last update brought another operator, a small bunch of map rework, interesting gameplay, and much more for its fans. Players got a new High Calibre operation, with another Rainbow Six Siege operator - Thorn, who is a new Defender from Ireland.

However, soon the players will be done with Operation High Caliber and will have a new update to uncover. And leakers have revealed new info about Rainbow Six Y7S1 operator, elite, and more.

So let's get started with the details of this new update "Rainbow Six Y7S1".

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Rainbow Six Y7S1 Operation - Demon Veil Official reveal

Ubisoft has begun releasing official teasers for the future season of Rainbow Six Siege, and the most recent release announced the name for Year 6 Season 4, which will be dubbed "Demon Veil."

Rainbow Six Y7S1 Operator Azami

If you've been following the leaks, you'll be pleased to learn that Azami will be joining the Rainbow Six lineup in Operation Demon Veil as the game's newest defender to begin off Year 7.

With a sleek outfit in all black emphasized by a shimmering blue blazer with elaborate gold art on one side, the Japanese operator, full name Kana Fujiwara, was highly inspired by private security services in the nation.

With all the official info, we know the following details about Y7S1 Azami:

Medium speed, medium health Operator from Japan

Gadget: Kiba Barrier

  • Thrown knife that ejects gas which then turns solid to create a small barrier
  • Can be used to close holes, block doorways
  • Gadget generates over time (similar to Lesion’s Gu mines)


  • Explosions
  • Sledge
  • 3x melee attack

Azami Weapon:

  • Primary weapons: 9x19VSN & ACS12
  • Secondary weapons: D-50
  • Secondary gadgets: Barbed Wire & Impact Grenade

Rainbow Six Y7S1 map - Emerald Plains

Rainbow Six players will also be rewarded with a new map after three years. There have been a dozen map reworks since the last map release, Fortress, in December 2018, but with Demon Veil, we're going to a new setting in Ireland's Emerald Plains.

The map has lavish high ceilings and loads of ornate decorations, inspired by elite country clubs. The new map, however, will not be ready at the start of the season, but rather towards the middle.

Rainbow Six Y7S1 - Deathmatch mode for teams

Not only will there be new Operators and maps, but also new game modes. TDM (Team Deathmatch) is now available in Siege. It'll be a permanent playlist, with two five-person teams competing for 75 kills.

As revealed, the rounds last 5 minutes or until one team reaches 75 kills, whichever comes first and the Rainbow Six Y7S1 maps are: Favela, Theme Park, and Villa

In the new Rainbow Six Y7S1 Deathmatch mode, both teams have access to all operators (excluding shields), but gadgets are disabled. Moreover, it has been revealed that the updates in the future will bring more maps and a better respawn system.

Rainbow Six Y7S1 - Attack Repick

During the Prep Phase, attackers can switch Operators and modify loadouts and all playlists, including Quick Match, Ranked, and Pro League, are affected.

Talking about Rational, Defenders are far too powerful.

Rainbow Six Y7S1 - Goyo Rework

Deployable shields have been removed, and the ship now only carries canisters, J├Ąger's ADS is positioned similarly.

Shots can only be fired from one side because it is partially covered.

The explosion was weakened, but the fire's duration and extent were boosted.

Rainbow Six Y7S1 - Weapons Sights

All 1x scopes are now available to every Operator.

On February 22, 2022, Azami will be released as part of Rainbow Six's Operation Demon Veil. The Japanese defender will first be tested on the TTS before being released to the general public in early March.


Rainbow Six Y7S1 Operation

The leakers and Ubisoft are yet to reveal the name of the Rainbow Six Y7S1 operation, yet it is speculated that it will be called "Operation Demon Veil", which will certainly bring another operator, some large components, and probably a new map or map rework.

We will get more info during the big launch for Rainbow Six Y7S1 at Six Invitational 2022, so the only option to get any concrete data about Rainbow Six Y7S1 operation is to wait till Invitational 2022, until then we have leakers dropping additional information.

Rainbow Six Y7S1 Operator - Azami, or Kiba, or Flubber

We have different names floating on the web that are claimed to be R6 Six Y7S1 operator name. Earlier, a known Rainbow Six dataminer, benjaminstrike revealed that the new operator was called "Azami", however, other leaks are dropping insights regarding the Rainbow Six Y7S1 operator and claiming R6 S7Y1 operator will be known as Rainbow Six Kiba.

Earlier, the leaks claimed that the new operator has been termed as Flubber. Leakers have uncovered that Rainbow Six Flubber is a codename for Y7 Season 1 operator, that will join the previously released operator Osa, Thorn, and more. It has been said that currently Flubber is planned as a defense operator.

However, no further details have been found about the operator for now.

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Rainbow Six Y7S1 Azami Gadget

Other than the Rainbow Six Y7S1 operator name, leakers have dropped a few insights regarding the Rainbow Six Y7S1 Flubber gadget, named the Kiba Barrier.

We are yet to get detailed info about Flubber gadget's Kiba Barrier, or how it works, but players have already had a number of Operators having barriers like attacker Osa and defender Goyo. So it is highly possible that R6 Y7S1 Flubber is on either side of Team Rainbow.

Moreover, we have new info on Azami that claims that she will hail from Japan and will have two-speed two-armor and her loadout was also revealed.

Rainbow Six Y7S1 Azami Loadout

As per the leaks, the following weapons are included in Azami's loadout

  • Primary: 9x19VSN, ACS-12
  • Secondary: D-50
  • Gadgets: Barbed Wire, Impact Grenade

Whatever be the case, we will keep updating the article whenever new R6 Y7S1 operator leaks will be dropping before the next Rainbow Six season.

Rainbow Six Y7S1 Elite

Other than the above-mentioned, another prominent leaker, Zer0Bytes has claimed that Kaid and Monty will be getting the Rainbow Six Y7S1 elite.

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Rainbow Six Y7S1 Operation release date

Rainbow Six Y7S1 operation release date has not been announced up until now. Nonetheless, given Ubisoft drops its new season substance at regular intervals of 3 months, players can anticipate that the next R6 Y7S1 will hit live servers somewhere around March.

Moreover, Ubisoft releases all-new Rainbow Six substances at their esports majors, so there are chances that players will bet a significant look at the R6 Y7S1 operation during Six Invitational 2022.

Six Invitational 2022 is scheduled for 8 to 20 February 2022, so players will probably get the details about R6 Y7S1 when the final details for the February event are locked in.

Rainbow Six Y7S1 Operation map rework

Ubisoft is getting back to their normal scheduled programming with one map rework in each new season as the last update, Rainbow Six Siege High Calibre had Outback map rework.

Now, benjaminstrike revealed that we could see Goyo rework in the Y7S1 operation. Obviously, nothing is confirmed for now, but the leaker does have a solid track record with his leaks, so getting a Goyo map rework in Rainbow 6 Y7S1 is highly possible.

It was promised back by the devs that players will see the Goyo rework in Year 6, however, it was delayed and its postponement was communicated via a blog post in November, the pending work must have been finished now and we will soon get to explore the Goyo reworked map soon.

So, players can hope to get a new map rework with the Six Y7S1 operation. However, fans should wait for Ubisoft to make the official announcement soon so that Y7S1 leaks can be proven right or wrong and get affirmation on Y7S1 operator, elite, more.

We will make sure to update you with the latest Rainbow Six news, so keep following. You can visit our YouTube channel for more latest gaming news: Gameort

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