New Halo Infinite game modes leaked

Halo Infinite game modes have been leaked which will be seen in the game soon.

Halo Infinite game modes
New Halo Infinite game modes will be seen in the game

December is right around the corner, and fans will soon get access to the Halo Infinite game, with 343 Industries uncovering a ton of data about it this previous year. However, with all the information being revealed officially, the leakers are additionally releasing some new information every now and then.

On Nov 15, Microsoft announced that Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer mode will be released via a beta as a part of the Xbox 20th Anniversary celebration, where players got access to complete maps and content, along with the full Season One Battle Pass to unlock.

However, prior to the Multiplayer release, the web was filled with leaks about Battle Royale, cosmetics, Forge mode, and even recently we had a fresh leak about the weapon variants coming to the game. Now a new Halo Infinite leak has been making rounds about new game modes.

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The latest leak has revealed a list of Halo Infinite game modes that will be seen in the game soon.

New Halo Infinite Game modes

Halo fans have been pleased with the retro and simultaneously the innovative feel that the game brings for its players, and the developers 343 Industries have been bombarded with praises for the.

However, with all the content being released, a few players have pointed out the "anti-player" decisions from developers and have requested the arrival of exemplary game modes.

Now there are new leaks that point at the arrival of new Halo Infinite game modes, but not necessarily the classic game modes.

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Today, on November 28 a known Halo Infinite leaker, HaloNoticiasMX shared a new post on Twitter with a list of new Halo Infinite game modes, under two different categories, Cyber Showdown Event Game Modes, and Tactical Ops Game Modes.

As per the leaker, the list of Halo Infinite game modes include:

Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown Event Game Modes -

  • Cyber Showdown: CTF
  • Cyber Showdown: King of the Hill
  • Cyber Showdown: One Flag
  • Cyber Showdown: Slayer

Halo Infinite Tactical Ops Game Modes -

  • Tactical Attrition
  • Tactical CTF
  • Tactical Elimination
  • Tactical King of the Hill.
  • Tactical Oddball
  • Tactical One Flag
  • Tactical Slayer
  • Tactical Strongholds

After the leak, several fans have been speculating that these new Halo Infinite game modes will be similar to the Swat modes that we have seen in past titles, where players do not spawn with shields or motion sensors.

However, the fans were satisfied with the fresh insight about different game modes coming to Halo after the request for the classic game modes.

With all these leaks coming out, it clearly seems like players will get to see great gameplay, however, it will be ideal to wait for any official announcement regarding the new Halo Infinite game modes to know whether this Halo Infinite leak is true or not.

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