Call of Duty Warzone Caldera map - POIs, trailer, area, release date

The new Call of Duty Warzone Caldera map has been revealed by the devs prior to its release in the main game.

CoD Warzone Caldera map
CoD Warzone Caldera map has been revealed officially

The 5th of November 2021 marked the launch of CoD Vanguard, and players were able to explore different elements of the game. However, fans weren't happy with the Warzone association and were even more disappointed with the delay of a new map.

Now with the new Warzone update almost here, Call of Duty devs have finally given us a complete view of the upcoming Caldera map. The Warzone update is set to bring Vanguard's weapons, Operators, a new Pacific-themed map, and much more.

The upcoming Warzone Caldera map was teased long back with a basic map and players were even able to get a little gander at a portion of the POIs through the Secrets of the Pacific event. Now the devs have finally released a trailer having an aerial view at Caldera.

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Let's get to know what has been revealed about the new Warzone Caldera map, its POIs, trailer, and more.

Call of Duty Warzone Caldera map

Replacing the original Verdansk map, Call of Duty Warzone will have a new Caldera map that will release as a component of CoD Vanguard and Warzone Season 1.

CoD Vanguard Caldera map will incorporate some exceptional game modes, for example, Vanguard Royale where players can fly planes, and just Vanguard's WW2 weapons will be accessible.

CoD Warzone Caldera map POIs

By the looks of it, it seems to be the Sub Pen map from Vanguard's multiplayer, and the image of the map likewise affirms that the Warzone Caldera era will kick off with 'Operation Vulcan', which is set in December 1944.

The new trailer gave a whistle-stop tour of the Pacific island and it has been affirmed that there are a total of 15 POIs on Caldera. The Warzone Pacific Caldera POIs are:

  1. Airfield
  2. Arsenal
  3. Beachhead
  4. Capital
  5. Docks
  6. Fields
  7. Lagoon
  8. Mines
  9. Peak
  10. Power Plant
  11. Resort
  12. Ruins
  13. Runway
  14. Sub Pen
  15. Village

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Players can get detailed info about these areas in the official blog of CoD Vanguard Season One Introducing Caldera.

CoD Warzone Caldera map trailer

A short CoD Warzone Caldera map trailer was released on the official Twitter account of Call of Duty that shows off the areas and POIs like the Capital, Docks, and Ruins.

CoD Vanguard Caldera map release date

This new Caldera map was scheduled to release on December 2, however, it was deferred by a week to December 8. Players who already own Call of Duty: Vanguard copy can play it almost 24 hours prior to the rest, on December 8. However, Caldera will show up for all players on December 9.

We still have seven days left for the complete release of the Warzone Caldera map and Call of Duty: Vanguard Season One which will bring a brand new Battle Pass, Zombies Content, Multiplayer maps, and more. So we hope to get more new content about the new map and its POIs prior to its release.

However, those who don't own Call of Duty: Vanguard yet, will likewise be able to join the others as players will get to progress through the Season 1 Battle Pass in both Vanguard and Warzone.

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