Arcane’s Silco will be the new TFT champion in 6.5 Mid-Set update

Arcane's Silco will be the new TFT champion coming in the 6.5 Mid-Set update, as per the leaked info.

TFT Silco champion in 6.5 Mid-Set update
Arcane's Silco is the new TFT champion coming in 6.5 Mid-Set update

League of Legends was released long back, and the game soon became a household name amongst the players. However, after the success of the LoL, the original 5v5 lane-based game mode, a new Teamfight Tactics game was introduced as a take on the auto chess genre.

Moreover, after the release of TFT, a new Teamfight Tactics set update is released every now and then, and the characters get rotated both in and out of the game. With the release of the Arcane series, the devs decided to center on the bustling city of Piltover, adding a massive amount of lore-relevant buffs and characters.

Many TFT characters share traits with one another which increases the possibility of having a wide variety of improvements, from massive team healing to creating mecha allies. And now it is being claimed that the first non-League of Legends champion is all set to show up in TFT, however, this new character isn't really an outcast.

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New non-LoL TFT champion - Silco in TFT 6.5 Mid-Set update

Recent reports are suggesting that Riot is planning to launch TFT's first champion that didn't come from the auto battler. The champion mentioned here is none other than Arcane star - Silco, who will probably join the convergence in TFT Set 6.5.

The news has come from a blog entry on Riot's Korean website, where it has been hinted that Silco, the fundamental villain from the hit TV show Arcane will join the TFT list during Gizmos and Gadgets in February's Set 6.5 Mid-Set update.

Usually, Riot ports League of Legends champions into TFT in each Set, so the devs are saved from the work of constructing a model for a new champion, however, this time they needed to construct TFT Silco's model from the very beginning to add him into TFT Set 6.5.

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In the Korean blog entry, Riot said, "As Silco is the first unit that is not a League of Legends champion, it came with different challenges and opportunities during development." They further added, "Porting League of Legends champions into Teamfight Tactics was a lot of work, but since Silco won’t be added to League of Legends, we had to start development from scratch."

However, the blog post didn't reveal TFT Silco's skill set as he is "still unfinished", but it was teased that Silco would be controlling the battlefield from the backlines. Riot shared Silco's model to give players a brief look at what has been done with the new TFT character till now.

The blog post additionally revealed that Riot is considering adding units from outside the Runeterra universe, stating "Silco is the first non-League of Legends champion [in TFT], but more outsiders may join in the future. [They] might even come from outside Runeterra."

These statements hint at the boundless opportunities for TFT's future programs, where players will possibly get to see the Valorant Agents, or Legends of Runeterra cards turning into TFT champions.

The upcoming TFT Set 6.5 is set scheduled to release somewhere in February 2022, so players can expect to get more insights about the TFT 6.5 Gizmos and Gadgets Mid-Set update in the coming time.

There were the complete details about the TFT Silco champion coming in the 6.5 Mid-Set update. Keep visiting for more League of Legends updates.

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