New Halo Infinite game mode for its multiplayer by Certain Affinity is codenamed "Tatanka"

New Halo Infinite game mode that is being developed by Certain Affinity is not the BR mode that fans were expecting.

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Fans waiting for Halo Infinite battle royale will need to wait a little more

It has almost been 2 months since Halo Infinite's release, and soon after its release, it has become one of the most loved games in the gaming community with lots of positive reviews from game lovers.

Moreover, the title was even awarded the "Players' Voice Award" at the Games Award, showcasing fans' excitement and satisfaction for this recently released game.

Even though the game has received a good reaction from the fans, it still lacks in a few aspects, but it seems like we are soon to get new content in the game.

In the past, we have had numerous leaks revealing details about the Halo Infinite game modes, events, maps, and more; some of which were proven to be correct, however, a few of the leaked info is yet to be confirmed by the devs.

Recently there were reports that a new Halo Infinite game mode (probably Battle Royale) is under development at a different studio, but now it has been claimed that the new mode is not the expected Battle Royale.

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New Halo Infinite Game Mode Leak

Recently a Windows Central report suggested that a secondary studio is working on a new Halo Infinite game mode, and this mentioned game mode was possibly the much-awaited Battle Royale or something similar.

The reports aligned with the claims of Tom Henderson (a popular industry insider) who back in August 2021 revealed that Halo Infinite battle royale is in development, and will highlight story connections and fascinating cosmetics.

The publication's sources suggest that Certain Affinity is working on the new Halo Infinite game mode which will most likely be Battle Royale, however, they did hint that instead of Halo Infinite Battle Royale, the Austin-based production studio could be working on "something completely different entirely".

And now it has been asserted that the latter is the case as new reports from Windows Central and a Halo insider, @Surasia4 claims that it is not a BR mode that Certain Affinity is working on, instead, it is something else codenamed "Tatanka".

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Halo Infinite "Tatanka" Game Mode

As per the reports, the new Halo Infinite game mode is codenamed "Tatanka" which is being prepared to bring in the new gamers into the franchise.

According to the leaked info, Halo Infinite new game mode is designed to be a more "newcomer-friendly" experience that isn't as demanding competitively than existing multiplayer modes.

Moreover, it is suspected that this new mode will also hook into Halo Infinite's upcoming Forge mode and will likewise leverage existing cosmetics from Halo Infinite's existing multiplayer progression, while potentially having a new progression system of its own on top.

While suggesting the same, leaker @Surasia4 assured that he has heard something similar and stated, "People might not agree with me but infinite needs a "big" mode to appeal to BR players. What people don't realize is that it does not need to be a battle royale"

It has also been claimed that Halo Infinite new game mode is not a "BR" and will "feature player-created content as a core part of the experience" and will enable players to "'hack' sentinels so they join your team, and defend FOBs."

A new game mode for Halo Infinite being in development at Certain Affinity seems likely as currently, 343 Industries is hooked up on working on the upcoming content for Halo Infinite like co-op and Forge modes, so to hand over a part of the development of new addition to the game like new game mode doesn't seem unreasonable.

Moreover, in the past, Microsoft also hinted that they wish to build and develop Halo Infinite for the years to come by adding new modes, maps, cosmetics, and more.

Whatever be the case, it seems like Certain Affinity is planning their return in the Halo series after working on various Halo titles from Halo 2, through to the Master Chief Collection to Halo Infinite.

Certain Affinity, a popular game development studio has worked with several other big studios on their projects and has helped the development teams to work on titles like the Call of Duty series and the Halo series.

However, this time Certain Affinity is seemingly developing something huge for Microsoft and its gaming platforms as the report suggests that the studio is working on different projects for PC and Xbox.

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It has additionally been mentioned in the report that Microsoft's new IP which has a similar setting to Capcom’s Monster Hunter series is being handled by Certain Affinity.

Keeping all the new Halo Infinite leaks in mind, it is totally conceivable that the devs are planning something great for the Halo Infinite game, regardless of whether it's a feature of the game or an independent extra.

However, these are only leaks for now and should be taken with a grain of salt until any official announcement regarding the new Halo Infinite game mode is made. We will keep updating the article whenever the devs decide to drop in new info.

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