Samsung Galaxy S22 price, pre order date leaked

Samsung Galaxy S22 price and pre-order date have been leaked ahead of its worldwide release.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 price leaked

The leaks about the release and specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S22 have set the tech world abuzz. Some say this new release will disappoint users when it comes to budget, while some disagree.

Many also say that the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S22 won’t be a great deal different than the original Galaxy S21. The Galaxy S21 was quite a pleasant surprise because the device had a lot of high-end performance features with a relatively low price tag.

We're barely a few days away from the Galaxy S22's grand launch, and we're still discovering more about smartphones. However, we have a fresh leak to reveal info regarding the Samsung Galaxy S22 price.

Samsung Galaxy S22 price

The pricing of all three Samsung Galaxy S22 phones has been revealed in a new report, however, for the time being, the pricing is exclusively for the South Korean market.

Originally the leak came from an ETNews report, where it was nationally revealed that Samsung will begin pre-registration for the Galaxy S22 series in South Korea on February 14th, and the worldwide Samsung Galaxy S22 pre-orders will commence on 21st February.

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy S22 phones will be delivered to those who preorder on February 25th.

Coming to the Samsung Galaxy S22 pricing part, according to the report, the base variant, that is Samsung Galaxy S22 will cost about $833 (KRW 999,900) and the Plus model will cost about $999 (KRW 1,199,000).

The above-mentioned rates are for the 128GB model of the phone, but will also have the 256GB models, however, the Samsung Galaxy S22 256GB models prices have not yet been published.

The leak further revealed that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will cost about $1,210 (KRW 1,452,000) for the 256GB model and the 512GB model will approximately cost $1,333 (KRW 1,599,400).

If we go by the leak, then it is likewise possible that Samsung fans will get to see a 1TB version of the S22 Ultra, although pricing information on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 1 TB is currently unavailable.

Moreover, it is quite a known fact that we have a chip shortage in the market due to which the production cost has reportedly doubled when compared to the Galaxy S21 series. Nonetheless, Samsung has opted not to raise the costs of its next phone in order to expand its market presence and allow more people to purchase the device.

Samsung has likewise announced that 700,000 to 800,000 Galaxy S22 phones have been set aside for the domestic market.

So far we know that the Galaxy S22 series will be unveiled on February 9th, later this week, so we should wait for the official reveal to be sure about anything.

Well, that’s all there is to the leaks and rumors circling Samsung Galaxy S22 series. Although some might think that it’s not entirely worthwhile, don’t dismiss this phone without first thoroughly checking it out.

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