Gotham Knights - release date, gameplay, trailers, leaks, more

Gotham Knights release date is coming closer, and leakers and developers are constantly revealing new info about the game.

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Gotham Knights release date has been revealed via new leaks

Gotham Knights is a Batman game that doesn't include the character himself, but it's no less entertaining. WB Games Montréal's Gotham Knights is an upcoming open-world co-op game containing creatures from the Batman universe. The game, which brings together the 'Bat-Family,' sees our heroes attempting to reestablish justice in Gotham City following the death of Batman.

While we've been demanding a new Batman game in the years since Arkham Knight, Gotham Knights is a little different. Although WB Montreal's new co-op action/adventure takes place in Gotham City, Batman has already been dead before the plot begins.

As a consequence, Gotham Knights will feature Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood, with a focus on co-op with another player and RPG aspects as players level up their Bat-family members. So far the developers have revealed new info on the game, but leakers are also competing well with them dropping additional data before time.

Here we have made a small overview of everything we know about the Gotham Knights game, including its release date, gameplay, trailer, new leaks, much more.


UPDATE: 09/03/22

Gotham Knights Release date - Official Announcement

WB's planned DC games, which were set to debut in 2022, have piqued fans' interest. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been pushed back to 2023, but Gotham Knights release date has now been confirmed to the fans.

After an initial postponement from 2021, WB Games Montreal has now confirmed that Gotham Knights will be released this year only, that is in 2022. October 25, 2022, has been confirmed as Gotham Knights release date according to an official Tweet from the Gotham Knights account.


Gotham Knights Release date leak

Gotham Knights, the Batman co-op game, may be arriving sooner than gamers believe, as a probable release date and a Steam playtest hint to when we might expect the game to arrive.

The Gotham Knights release date was previously pushed back from 2021 to an unspecified period in 2022, but according to a release date seen at an Irish gaming store, gamers might be able to jump in soon.

WB Games Montréal has yet to give a revised launch date for Gotham Knights, although it might come in April 2022, according to the mentioned unidentified Irish games shop.

Of course, we recommend taking this launch date with a grain of salt. While the date on the pre-order sticker states April 24, this is unlikely due to the significant launches often opening on Tuesdays or Fridays.

With the debut of The Batman, Warner Brothers would be eager to maintain the momentum, so it wouldn't be unreasonable to anticipate the game shortly. Especially after Redditor Accomplished_Cut553 discovered a fresh playtest on Steam.

It is not the first time a possible April 2022 release patch has been leaked as in the past Gotham Knights' release date was mistakenly hinted by a game developer via a promo image. Gotham Knights previously held a playtest in December 2019, months before the game was formally exhibited at DC Fandome.

Gotham Knights trailer -

At DC Fandome 2021, Warner Brothers Montreal showed their greatest look yet for Gotham Knights. The creators are exploring deep into the legendary Court of Owls plot, which premiered in the New 52 and bringing their own twists to this vital Batman storyline.

The latest Gotham Knights trailer was dropped was almost 4 months ago, when developers released a new Court of Owls Story trailer, revealing new elements of the Gotham Knights storyline.

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Gotham Knights Gameplay -

Warner Bros. has made a full walkthrough highlighting the gameplay in Gotham Knights.

While this Gotham Knights snippet just shows Batgirl, we get a good idea of what she can do, how battles work, and details on the vehicles you'll be driving. Importantly, you'll be able to play as any of the Knights, each with its own set of features.

  • Red Hood is a combat and weaponry expert.
  • Robin is a stealth expert.
  • Batgirl is a hacking expert.
  • Nightwing is an acrobatics expert.

Despite possessing four playable characters, you can only play co-op with two other people.

Gotham Knights Storyline

Here is the official statement about the game:

“Batman is dead. A new expansive, criminal underworld has swept the streets of Gotham City. It is now up to the Batman Family; Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin; to protect Gotham, bring hope to its citizens, discipline to its cops, and fear to its criminals.

From solving mysteries that connect the darkest chapters in the city’s history to defeating notorious villains in epic confrontations, you must evolve into the new Dark Knight and save the streets from descent into chaos.”

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Gotham Knights Platforms -

Gotham Knights will be available for PC, Xbox One, and Series X|S, as well as PlayStation 4 and 5. However, the details on Gotham Knights cross-platform and cross-generational play are yet to be verified.

Gotham Knights System Requirements -

It's difficult to estimate how Gotham Knights will perform, whether it'll be designed for most gaming PCs, a visually demanding powerhouse, or both.

Even if we look at the most current Batman game, Batman: Arkham Knight, it's difficult to forecast what Gotham Knights would require, considering that Arkham Knight is already more than five years old.

However, Arkham Knight required a minimum of an Intel Core i5-750 or AMD Phenom II X4 965 CPU, 6GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 GPU. Meanwhile, an Intel Core i7-3770 or AMD FX-8350 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a GTX 760 or Radeon HD 7950 GPU were suggested.

This was everything revealed so far about the Gotham Knights game, including its recently leaked release date. Indeed fans are looking forward to the game's release, and even we can't wait to the in-game characters in action soon.

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