Elden Ring Multiplayer Arena DLC hinted by new rumors

Elden Ring Multiplayer Arena DLC could possibly be in the works, as suggested by new leaks.

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Elden Ring multiplayer arena DLC leak

FromSoftware's Elden Ring was in development for almost four years, and there's no doubting that the latest action RPG from FromSoftware, has a huge following.

It hasn't been long since Elden Ring's release as the game was released recently on February 25, but the game has already surpassed Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro as FromSoftware's most successful Steam launch.

Bandai Namco is presumably looking forward to breaking more sales records with Elden Ring now that many of the technical issues have been rectified. The game has garnered positive reviews from critics, primarily for its plot and design, in addition to its incredible sales numbers.

Now according to a leaked hidden area, it has been rumored that Elden Ring multiplayer arena DLC is in the pipeline. So without any delay, let's head into the nitty-gritty of the leaked data.

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Elden Ring Multiplayer Arena DLC

With the launch of Elden Ring, we got the cooperative multiplayer as well as an invasion-based PvP game mode. Elden Ring Co-operative mode makes it easier for players to defeat challenging bosses like Radahn, and the PvP game mode puts their abilities to the ultimate test by pitting them against gamers from all over the world.

With each element of Elden Ring being extremely praised and excellent, many people have speculated that we would see an arena-based game mode in the future, and it appears that their predictions may prove correct.

The rumors of Elden Ring DLC for a multiplayer arena ignited when Lance Mcdonald posted a video today in which he shows a Colosseum in Elden Ring, which appears to be a multiplayer arena.

For those wondering "who Lance Mcdonald is"; the long-time Soulsborne players must have heard of Lance Mcdonald as the modder for Soulsborne is well-known for creating the 60 FPS mod for Bloodborne, as well as providing us with some insight into the game.

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The video shows a location that is still present in the game's final release, however, was not accessible to the players and fans were not able to get in there. Reacting to the footage, fans wrote, "Thanks for this, I was going insane trying to figure out how to get in here." Another one said, "they literally tease us with this ghost outside one of the arenas "why oh why will this door not open" or something along those lines..."

Entering the region outside the arena in Elden Ring calls a hostile invader, which is designed to simulate what it's just like being invaded by some other player.

It also suggests that this arena would be used for competitive one-on-one multiplayer duels, which has actually appeared in the franchise in the past but isn't currently present in the game right now.

A similar colosseum can be found somewhere on the Elden Ring map, guarded by a big pot, which has a minor quest, but it won't open the colosseum even if players finish it. This mission also involves battling to infiltrate AI, therefore it supports the theory that this multiplayer arena will be released in the game in the near future.

For now, it is impossible to say if the Elden Ring Colosseum will probably be released as Elden Ring DLC or as part of a future update. However, the fact that the location is still present in the game's final release but hasn't been removed certainly implies that players will get to see it in the near future.

Indeed, fans of Elden Ring will be ecstatic to learn that the game may receive an arena-based multiplayer option in the future. Whatever be the case, we will make sure to keep you updated as it is certain that developers will reveal new information in the coming days.

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