Elden Ring Photo mode on PC released unofficially

Elden Ring Photo mode with different features will now be available for the players, however, not officially.

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Elden Ring Photo Mode - PC mod

FromSoftware's Elden Ring was in development for almost four years, and there's no doubting that the latest action RPG from FromSoftware, has a huge following.

It hasn't been long since Elden Ring's release as the game was released recently on February 25, but the game has already surpassed Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro as FromSoftware's most successful Steam launch.

Bandai Namco is presumably looking forward to breaking more sales records with Elden Ring now that many of the technical issues have been rectified. The game has garnered positive reviews from critics, primarily for its plot and design, in addition to its incredible sales numbers.

However, it is criticized for not having a Photo Mode as many current games, such as God of War and Ghost of Tsushima, have a Photo Mode that allows spectacular images to be customized in a variety of ways, which is currently lagging in Elden Ring.

Yet to fans' joy, it seems Elden Ring PC gamers will be able to get their hands on Elden Ring Photo Mode option for adorning their gameplay successes with aesthetic filters, thanks to the hard work of a professional modder.

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Elden Ring Photo Mode - New Elden Ring mod

The Elden Ring mod gives players practically unrestricted access to the breathtaking landscapes of the Lands Between.

Photography modes have been a popular feature, allowing gamers to capture fleeting events such as the changing weather in their game. With the new Elden Ring mod, gamers will be able to capture the breathtaking landscapes of the Lands Between with nearly unrestricted freedom.

The new Elden Ring mod, created by modder Otis Inf, adds all of the basic Photo Mode features to the game. Players can shift the cam and angle in any position, adjust lighting fixtures, and even shift sunlight to obtain the perfect lighting on a rich landscape or dramatic combat when the mod is installed and the game is paused.

Other useful features include eliminating "Chromatic Aberration" caused by extreme contrasts in light and enhancing "Level of Details," which allow gamers to make the most of Elden Ring's gaming engine.

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This is probably the best kit for capturing some beautiful screenshots from Elden Ring's Lands Between.

Due to "Anti-Cheat" procedures, Elden Ring does not yet have official mod support, therefore if you're going to utilize this new Elden Ring Photo mod, keep in mind to play offline.

Moreover, it is suggested to remove the mod files and run the vanilla version of the game whenever you want to play online because some anti-cheat software may mistakenly identify some mods as cheats, resulting in your game being banned.

This widespread feature has received a lot of appreciation for allowing amateurs and experts alike to express themselves creatively and with a keen eye. In-game photo settings have even been complimented by Hideo Kojima for their ability to develop the talents of real-life photographers and as a result, several AAA games are delighted to have a feature, as it ensures quality attention to high-resolution graphics.

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As a result, we can only wait to see the developers releasing their own official game mods soon. But we have this new Elden Ring photo mod that is free to download, but the modders can be supported via their Patreon.

Those interested in trying out the Elden Ring Photo mode should get the new Elden Ring Photo mod from here.

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