GTA Online vehicles - all new next-gen exclusive cars, prices, more

New GTA Online cars have been introduced by Rockstar Games in the latest next-gen update.

Grand Theft Auto Online vehicles revealed

The Grand Theft Auto community was quick to make jokes about GTA 5 being launched on a third-generation console after both Microsoft and Sony disclosed their intentions for the next-gen consoles.

Following all of the rumors, Rockstar Games stated that both GTA 5 and GTA Online would receive graphic enhancements as well as new content for the new consoles.

GTA Online's new content includes vehicle enhancements, updated mechanics, and perhaps a few new cars which are only available in the next-gen update.

Grand Theft Auto Online has been around for nearly nine years, but it appears that its age hasn't stopped it from climbing to the top of the sales charts and breaking player records to this day.

Rockstar Games is introducing over four new Grand Theft Auto Online vehicles as part of the next-generation edition of the game, giving PlayStation 5 users the opportunity to grab a few of the listed vehicles for a substantially discounted price.

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GTA Online next-gen exclusive cars

Players in Grand Theft Auto Online can buy outfits, fancy residences, and, most importantly, expensive vehicles and motorcycles with in-game currency as many players would rather just cruise about and experience the world of Los Santos.

Rockstar aims to entertain each segment of the Grand Theft Auto Online community and the racing community is provided with new Grand Theft Auto Online vehicles in the game via updates and expansions.

Now, as Grand Theft Auto Online the next-generation version is near its debut, and Rockstar is taking advantage of the historic occasion to unveil some brand-new unique rides. As revealed, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S users may spend their hard-earned virtual cash on some new Grand Theft Auto Online vehicles at a discounted price.

As of March 14, only 5 new cars are added to the mix, with a minimum of one of the new exclusive vehicles introduced to every one of the in-game auto websites. Let's have a peek at these new GTA Online cars and the cost of these new GTA Online vehicles.

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Grand Theft Auto Online vehicles - Legendary Motorsport

The Coil Cyclone II and the Pfister Astron Custom are two new cars available for purchase at Legendary Motorsport. Neither of them, however, is inexpensive.

  • Pfister Astron Custom price - $1,720,000
  • Coil Cyclone II price - $2,250,000

Grand Theft Auto Online vehicles - Cache & Carry Warstock

Weaponized Ignus, one of the most costly of the new cars, is listed on Warstock Cache & Carry and will be the website's sole new vehicle thus far.

It will cost you back over $3,000,000 if you have the funds, but as the 'weaponized' term suggests, it will inflict severe harm to everyone that comes across in Los Santos.

  • Weaponized Ignus price - $3,245,000

Grand Theft Auto Online vehicles - Southern San Andreas Super Autos

Southern San Andreas Super Autos, meanwhile, has 2 new cars on the list: the Imponte Arbiter GT and the Karin S95. Both cars are well into the million-dollar level, but they're a great way to show off that you're using the next-gen update.

  • Karin S95 price - $1,995,000
  • Imponte Arbiter GT price - $1,580,000

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As with previous GTA Online updates, Rockstar is anticipated to begin releasing new Grand Theft Auto Online vehicles as part of the next-gen upgrade. When that will happen, though, is unknown. However, keep checking back because we'll keep this page updated as soon as the new models are available.

In conclusion, Grand Theft Auto Online for the PS5 and Xbox Series X comes with a slew of cool gaming features that will pique the curiosity of some of the game's more seasoned players.

Furthermore, the veteran gamers of Sony can get free keys to the Karin S95 by simply shifting online saved data from the Playstation 4 to the Playstation 5 console.

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