Gamescom 2022 event - date, schedule, more details has been announced

Gamescom 2022 event schedule has been revealed, and the news of finally getting a physical event has excited the gaming community a lot.

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Gamescom 2022 event date and schedule revealed

Now that we have entered the year 2022, it appears as though the COVID-19 pandemic is edging closer to its conclusion as finally, the event organizers are planning the physical events. The last time the Game Awards staff decided to have an in-person event was back in December 2021, making it one of the first important events to be held in person in the past two years.

All things considered, the gathering was a huge success, especially given the rise of the Omicron version, which caused some apprehension about the face-to-face events.

After the December 2021 event, Gamescom has now announced its comeback in August 2022, along with dates and the revelation that it will return to an in-person show while also hosting a digital component. The expo will also include the first "climate-friendly" event at Gamescom.

Let's directly check out the details that have been revealed so far about the upcoming Gamescom 2022 event, including its schedule, how to be a part of the event, what to expect, and more.

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Gamescom 2022 event date

Gamescom, which takes place in Cologne, Germany, is the world's largest gaming expo, even surpassing the on-life-support E3. For four days, the event brings together journalists, content providers, trade visitors, and the general public.

Gamescom has been an all-digital event for the previous two years due to Covid-19 restrictions. However, Gamescom 2022 will happen from August 24-28 and will be a hybrid event that will take place both on-site in Cologne and online, according to organizers Koelnmesse and the German Games Industry Association (GAME).

How to watch the Gamescom 2022 event

The Gamescom 2022 will run from August 24-28 and, like last year's Gamescom, this year's event will also have a digital component. On the Gamescom Now website, interactive quests will make a comeback, with certain activities unlocking unique rewards from individual exhibitors.

The event in 2021 was scheduled to use a hybrid model, but due to an increase in coronavirus infections around the world, it had to go all-digital instead. If this strategy proves to be successful, Gamescom is likely to stick with it long after the pandemic has passed.

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In an interview with Gamescom, Felix Falk, co-organizer of Gamescom and managing director of German trade association Game, said that the event in August 2022 will remain the "world's largest game expo" while maintaining its 2019 record of selling a record-breaking 370,000 tickets when the event was held in person.

Falk explained, "It's really the best of both worlds from 2019 and contains all of the digital components that we built over the last two years. We already have COVID measures in mind, and with six months to go, we're focusing on the measures that will be in place by the end of August."

On August 23, Geoff Keighley's opening night event, which will be streamed live online and in person, will take place in a fresh new venue erected during the pandemic, according to Falk and online streams and videos will also be available as part of the hybrid event, allowing people to watch the content from afar.

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What to expect from Gamescom 2022 event

As mentioned above, similar to every year's tradition, the Gamescom 2022 show will begin with a 2-hour gaming news spectacular led by Game Awards maestro Geoff Keighley, which will feature global debuts and updates for existing titles.

As revealed by the organizers, Gamescom is attempting to keep guests safe with computerized queue management, wider passageways in the convention center halls, and limited ticket sales, as the world keeps a careful eye on the ever-changing COVID-19 guidelines.

Other than Gamescom 2022 event schedule, Gamescom also announced a "Gamescom goes green" project, with the goal of becoming "climate-neutral" via CO2 emission reduction and avoidance in the long term, and in the short term through carbon offsetting.

The event will also be more environmentally friendly, with efforts to cut carbon dioxide emissions and the acquisition of carbon offsets to achieve climate neutrality, according to Falk. The climate-neutrality will be accomplished by utilizing free public transportation and raising funds for the Gamescom Forest reforestation project.

Everyone watching at home can also support this environment-friendly event by donating at any moment on Gamescom's website.

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Falk expects that gaming industry experts and gamers alike will be eagerly anticipating the return of Gamescom, wherein gamers will be able to watch premieres of upcoming games as well as try out the most anticipated games of the year.

The event will be preceded by the Devcom event for game developers, which will take place on-site from August 22 to August 23. The press day is August 24, and regular admission ticket holders will then be welcome to browse gaming company exhibits from August 25 to August 28.

Gamescom 2022 offers "new sections, particularly for cosplay, retro, and indie enthusiasts" in addition to the primary business and entertainment sectors of the convention.

The Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live event has indeed been announced to return so that you can enjoy your usual dose of host Geoff Keighley if you can't make it in person.

Obviously, when the Gamescom 2022 event kicks off on Wednesday, August 24th, 2022, there will be a slew of gaming announcements for fans to look forward to. And the Gamescom 2022 show will almost certainly conclude with a big event.

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