Star Wars Eclipse release date reportedly delayed

Star Wars Eclipse release date may get a lot more delayed as expected by the fans.

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Star Wars Eclipse release date delay leak

The upcoming video game Star Wars Eclipse is going to be the latest addition to the Star Wars series. And for those who haven't heard of Star Wars Eclipse, don't you worry as we have a brief introduction for you.

Star Wars is an intricately-branched upcoming action-adventure video game, created in collaboration between Quantic Dream and Lucasfilm Games. It’s set in the High Republic Era of the famous Star Wars universe. This Era is not as old as the Old Republic, which is set thousands of years in the past.

It’s a couple of hundred years before the Prequel Trilogy (the series that’s shown on television). According to the developers, it’s going to have a vast and highly enjoyable narrative.

It was announced at The Games Award (it’s like the Oscar for video games) 2021. It’s still in early development though (even after being in development for 18 months), so we won’t get to experience it any time soon.

However, a new report suggests that the wait for the Star Wars Eclipse release date may be longer than fans' expectations.

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Star Wars Eclipse release date delay

The new details have come from a noted leaker, Tom Henderson, who revealed various new elements regarding Star Wars Eclipse, including its release date and job listings in the Xfire report.

Earlier, Tom Henderson reported that fans can expect Star Wars Eclipse release after 3-4 years as the game was in early development and the Paris branch of Quantic Dream was struggling with hiring staff and that this was the branch that was writing the game. He stated, "There are currently 60+ job openings for Quantic Dream Paris and 9 in Montreal."

Now revealing something similar, Tom Henderson claims that the Star Wars Eclipse release may get delayed till 2027-2028, which is almost a 5 year of wait for the Star Wars fans.

Quantic Dream has been having trouble filling over 60 vacancies at its Paris headquarters, according to the source. Due to a staffing scarcity, Eclipse's development has been slowed, and its initial release date has been pushed back several years.

Quantic Dream was said to have more than 60 employment openings in France, according to the article. Fast forward to now, three months after the Star Wars Eclipse announcement, and there are still 67 job openings in Paris.

According to Henderson, Quantic Dream has really been actively altering the "published on" date on every one of the job adverts to make them seem more recent.

It was revealed that the oldest published date for a Quantic Dream job vacancy listing as of today is the beginning of February 2022. However, Xfire claims to confirm that "the exact identical positions, on the exact same URLs, with the exact same wording, had been advertised by Quantic Dream in some cases over two years earlier, for senior posts as well, using the digital internet archive tool."

The changed postings don't necessarily imply that Quantic Dream is in trouble, however, they do indicate that the studio is being cautious in demonstrating its success to potential developer talent.

Star Wars Eclipse was expected to hit the consoles a few years after its reveal in 2021, but its release date is now expected to be in the second part of the decade. This is Quantic's latest setback, following allegations in 2018 that the studio had created a toxic employment climate characterized by inappropriate behavior and sexist/homophobic humor.

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Quantic disclosed its Eclipse project early on, and if we believe Henderson's allegations, the Star Wars Eclipse trailer was released early to pique interest among developers, attract possible customers, and secure developer talent in the face of stiff competition.

Henderson in the report said, "sources close to Quantic Dream have told me that even though the trailer was released to an extremely favorable reception from the wider gaming community - and it certainly does look stunning - it has not had the desired effect of attracting developer talent to the studio."

Other than the delay reports, leaks have also suggested that the upcoming Star Wars Eclipse game has been inspired by The Last of Us, another popular video game series. So, if you are a big fan of the TLOU series, there are high chances that you’ll love Star Wars Eclipse.

Now that we know that we have reliable information about Star Wars Eclipse, all we can do is wait, because there’s still a long time before its release.

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Moreover, in the Star War series, we have Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Sequel announcement in May 2022 as per the claims made by the leaks. However, we are yet to get a new official report so it is suggested to take all the current information with a grain of salt.

For now, we can only wait to see if the reports Star Wars Eclipse release date delay are true or not and if true then it is expected that Quantic Dreams won't take long to inform the fans.

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