Valorant Doodle Buds skin bundle - release date, price, first look, variant, reactive skin leak

Valorant Doodle Buds Skin Bundle has been leaked early, revealing its release date, price, and more.

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Valorant Doodle Buds skin bundle leaked

The latest leaks about the new Valorant Doodle Buds skin bundle appeared when ValorLeaks, a well-known Valorant data miner, tweeted a new image and video of Valorant Doodle Buds Bundle, including the skin variants, player cards, sprays, and more.

Valorant Doodle Buds Skin Bundle

The Leaked Valo Doodle Buds collection, like the title indicates, will be a cartoon or comic-inspired skin bundle based on League of Legends characters, VALORANT Agents, and Tactifriends. This new skin set includes weapons with adorable drawings that give off a cheerful atmosphere right away.

ValorLeaks just revealed a first peek at the upcoming Valorant Doodle Buds skins bundle on Twitter and all of the leaked Doodle Buds skins feature a similar pattern, with white serving as the primary color. The following gun skins are included in the Valorant Doodle Buds bundle:

  • Ares
  • Marshal
  • Phantom
  • Shorty
  • Stinger

The Valorant Doodle Buds skin bundle has three different variations based on the particular games along with reactive skin, and as per the leaked image, the different Valorant Doodle Buds Skin variants are:

  • Doodle Buds League of Legends character's skins

The LoL variant of Doodle skins features the doodles of League of Legends heroes. Purple accents may be found throughout the league variant's skins.

  • Doodle Buds VALORANT Agents skin

The VALORANT Agent variation is the default. The skins are covered in VALORANT Agents' drawings with red highlights.

  • Doodle Buds Tactifriends skins

The Tactifriends' doodle and lime-green highlights may be found all over the skins of this variant.

  • Reactive skin

All the above Valorant Doodle Buds Skin variants have reactive skin, implying that the skins will change their color with each kill. At the start of the round, the skin has black and white doodles then as you kill enemies, the colors of the characters begin to appear.

At last, the skin becomes completely colorful when you defeat 5 foes, which looks fantastic.

Similar to each bundle, the leaked Valorant Doodle Buds likewise has Player Cards and Sprays.

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Valorant Doodle Buds skin bundle price

As of this writing, the pricing of this skin set has not been released officially but the leaker has revealed that Valorant Doodle Buds is a Premium Tier Skinline and the bundle will include 5 Skins, 3 Playercards, and 3 Sprays.

If the leak is on point, then the total cost of the bundle must be around 7100VP, or about $71. With regards to the price of each Valorant Doodle Buds skin, it should cost the following if purchased separately:

  • Ares - 1775VP
  • Marshal - 1775VP
  • Phantom - 1775VP
  • Shorty - 1775VP
  • Stinger - 1775VP

With regards to the Player Card and Spray, the leaker revealed that Valorant Doodle Buds Player Card will cost 375VP, whereas the Valorant Doodle Buds Spray will cost 325VP.

The Valorant Doodle Buds Playercards and Sprays resemble the weapon skins in appearance, and similar to weapon skins, e have three variants of Players cards as well.

  • One has Sprays, Playercards, and Easter Egg doodles
  • The other one has Valorant Agent doodles
  • The last one has League of Legend character doodles.

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Valorant Doodle Buds bundle release date

It is a given that when the current Bundle expires, the Valorant Doodle Buds Skin Bundle will be available in the Valorant marketplace.

And as revealed by the leaked info, April 13th will be the Doodle Buds skin bundle release date, which will be available in the store until April 27th, 2022.

These were all the latest information about the upcoming Valorant Doodle Buds Skin Bundle, its release, price, images, and more. Fans have a lot to look forward to as the v4.07 will be released soon, bringing new changes to the game.

We acquired early information on the released 4.07 patch via ValorLeaks, and according to the patch details, Bulldog and Stinger will experience input delays when switching to ADS mode, which means you will no longer be able to unleash accurate burst fire when in ADS mode.

In addition, a slew of additional servers has been added to the Latin American region to aid with latency difficulties. And, thanks to in-store delays when purchasing VP, you'll be allowed to splash the cash on some of those highly wanted skins quicker than ever before.

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