Niantic's Peridot game - release date, gameplay, platforms, pre-register, more

Peridot game is the new entry in the AR pet simulator series, announced by Pokemon GO Developer Niantic.

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Pokemon GO Developer Niantic has announced a new Peridot game

No one is unaware of the popularity of Niantic's Pokemon Go game, and the virtual pet games are likewise loved by gamers worldwide.

Pokemon Go, the massively popular augmented reality game had over a billion downloads by May 2018 that helped Niantic become a multibillion-dollar corporation. However, the studio is not planning to get satisfied with the popularity of one such game.

Despite the fact that the studio has released other games after Pokemon Go, such as Pikmin Bloom in 2021 - which was not able to mark its spot in the popularity chart, Niantic has now announced a new studio original, AR pet simulator game called Peridot.

Niantic is planning to unveil a completely new original franchise called Peridot, which brings the delight of nurturing colorful pets called Peridots (or 'Dots'). It seems like the studio is planning to target the market of virtual pet games lovers and the fans of the Pokemon Go franchise.

So, let's check out all the details that Niantic revealed about the new Peridot game, including its gameplay, platforms, how to pre-register, and more.

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Niantic's Peridot game

Peridot is a "real-world adventure pet game," according to Niantic. Gamers will have to raise Peridots - their AR companions to adulthood while preventing the extinction of their species.

The Peridot game will enable players to search for valuable goods in the real world to aid in the maintenance of their virtual pets. These Peridots will be distinct in both looks and behavior for each player. They can breed with other Peridots once they've grown up to blend their DNA and create an altogether new creature.

In the Peridot game, players will also have a feature to keep track of their virtual pets' life and share them on social media.

Now that we are akin with the basic idea of what this new Peridot game is all about, let's find out details on the planned release schedule, gameplay details, platforms, and more.

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Niantic's Peridot release date

Currently, Niantic has not revealed the exact Peridot release date or in which all regions the game will be launched, however, it has been announced that the new Niantic game will have a soft launch in certain markets in April 2022.

Moreover, in terms of the rest of the world, Niantic has announced that "as testing and iteration throughout the soft launch proceeds," the new Peridot game will be released in more markets.

If we are to speculate, then it is expected that the Peridot soft launch will begin in the regions like Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the US, as the Pokemon GO’s beta soft-launched in these areas, and it is possible that Niantic will have the same approach with Peridot as well.

Niantic's Peridot pre-register

By visiting the game's official website and completing your information, you may pre-register yourself for Peridot's soft launch.

It has been stated that when the game is launched in your location, you'll get an email with instructions on how to get it.

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Niantic's Peridot gameplay

Peridot's gameplay revolves around nurturing and raising the new pet. Players will have to train their AR pets, interact with them, and ensure that they supply the basic needs in order to raise their Peridots to adulthood.

Players will have a feature of a Desire System that will inform them of whatever their Peridot desires, whether it's exploring the new places together or taking a walk to a nearby attraction. You'll have to play with your pet, and uncover hidden treasures around the world, all while keeping your pet safe and healthy.

Peridots are available in a variety of Archetypes that resemble actual and fictional animals, and the main emphasis of the game is on the breeding and conservation of Peridots. Players can meet up with their Peridots to create new Archetypes that mix their physical characteristics. This helps the species "re-diversify," ensuring a healthy amount of digital genetic variation.

There are various Peridots available in the game, and to name some, we can see cheetahs, rabbits, dragons, clownfish, and unicorns, as well as completely unique creations in the Peridot gameplay images provided by Niantic.

To participate in the Peridot experience, you'll need camera-based AR technology. Peridots, for example, will recognize the environment they're on and respond appropriately. According to some artwork and samples, the Peridot game may be able to recognize and replicate interactions with players' real-life pets.

One of the screenshots also appears to show Peridots interacting realistically with furniture and, presumably some other items.

niantic's peridot game, new peridot game, peridot gameplay, peridot gameplay images, peridot creatures, breeding in peridot
A few Peridot gameplay images provided by Niantic

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The breeding feature in Peridot

One can explore a Habitat at a real-world area of attraction to begin the process of breeding the Peridot with other adult Dots once your Peridot achieves adulthood.

Breeding also necessitates the use of Nests, which may be found foraging about Habitats. They are available in a variety of rarities and could be used to change a variety of attributes like Pattern Nest which will offer your new baby Dot your desired pattern.

Players will have to let go of their existing adult into the Habitat after a new Peridot is born, however, players can keep a track of their pet's well-being with an option that allows you to see prior pets.

Niantic's Peridot game platform

It has been clearly specified by Niantic that this new upcoming Peridot game is an all-new, real-world AR mobile game.

Moreover, it has been stated that their new game will be accessible for download on iPhone and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play Store, respectively when it launches.

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Niantic's announcement page, unfortunately, is lacking in other details as it doesn't specify where or when the soft launch will begin. However, the fans of the AR pet simulator games can certainly forward to this new addition to Niantic's franchises.

This was everything on the new Peridot game, including its gameplay, platforms, how to pre-register, and more. Make sure you register yourself to stay updated with the game's development.

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