Pokemon Scarlet and Violet roster leak reveals new details

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet roster leak suggests that players can expect the developers to add a major amount of mons to the upcoming game.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leak reveals major roster upgrade

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a mainstream Pokemon game that was announced recently and will be released for the Nintendo Switch later this year. Nearly every day, new rumors and leaks about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet surface, though some are more credible than others.

It's a frequent occurrence since whenever Nintendo announces a new main series Pokemon game, the Internet is swamped with true and fraudulent leaks on what to expect.

Hence, any news concerning Game Freak's future Pokemon Scarlet and Violet video game series is guaranteed to thrill fans, and this recent roster update leak is no exception.

The latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leak has reported that the upcoming games would add a stunning amount of new Pokemon to the already large roster of mons. Check out the nitty-gritty of the leak below.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet roster leak

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, two new Pokémon chapters in the series, have been revealed via the latest Pokemon Presents event along with several Pokemon that were confirmed to be in the game during the trailer.

Since the release of the first Pokemon game, we have seen almost 900 Pokemon being designed and added to different titles of the series. Each mon' has received love from the fans in one way or the other.

And now we have a new leak from YouTuber SwitchForce, who suggests that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will add a large amount of Pokemon to the roster.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as per YouTuber SwitchForce, might introduce around 130 Pokemon to the series, making it "one of the largest new Pokemon selections in a very long time." He further added that the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet roster upgrade would be comparable to what was added in Gen 1, Gen 3, and Gen 5.

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In addition to the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet roster addition rumors, the video suggests that the idea of altering your Pokemon's type could be genuine. "You'll be able to swap the types of your Pokemon in and out to make them more suited for certain battles," he stated.

Moreover, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet game will include "regional forms" in addition to all of the new Pokemon as per the leaker.

If the leak is true, then indeed Game Freak is going all out to make Pokemon Scarlet and Violet a huge success. However, SwitchForce did not give any further detail on the source of this information and instead attributed it to East-West rumors. So, it would be ideal to take all the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leak with a grain of salt.

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Aside from that, we recently received another leak, which began on 4chan before making its way to Reddit. According to the "leak," trainers will face two rivals: one out of their own school and one from a rival school, with the principal of the rival school serving as the main enemy.

The alleged leak also claims to give information on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starters' final evolutions, claiming that Sprigatito evolves into a grass/electric type while Fuecoco evolves into a fire/dragon type. It also claims that Quaxly, a water-type, will evolve into a water-fighting type in the future.

However, the leaks can entirely be false as we have a pointer that one of the starters will end up with dragon as its secondary type, which is highly unlikely.

In the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer, some of the returning Pokemon were shown, but the only new Pokemon revealed are the new starters. These Pokémon cover numerous locations and the name of these three new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starters are:

  • Sprigatito, a grass type cat
  • Fuecoco, a fire type crocodile
  • Quaxly, a water type

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Surprisingly, they are listed as 'partner Pokemon' rather than Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet starters on the game's official website.

However, we still have some time left for the Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet release, so the leaks will keep on dropping, but it is suggested to wait for the official announcement from Nintendo or The Pokemon Company to be sure of anything.

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