A PS5 Fantasy Game could be in development, suggests new job listing

A PlayStation Fantasy Game exclusive for PS5 could be in development, suggests a new PlayStation leak.

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PlayStation 5 exclusive fantasy game leak

Sony's collection of games is hidden from none, and the world-changing PlayStation consoles are the icing on the cake.

While Sony plans to retire PlayStation Now, a new subscription service will emerge on June 13, 2022. Officially, the future service is essentially a redesigned PlayStation Plus, with three tiers: Essential, Extra, and Premium. At the moment, 13 PlayStation 2 games have been announced for the service's debut.

However, other than the upcoming PS Plus service, a fresh PlayStation leak appears to have disclosed that a brand new PlayStation 5 exclusive fantasy game is already in development.

Recently, PlayStation's London Studio posted a new job listing which indicates that the UK-based developer is now developing a new fantasy project with live-service elements.

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While the game's title is undefined, the post from London Studio proceeds to say that they are now recruiting a new Narrative Design Lead for "a brand-new IP that they are extremely thrilled about.

According to the job posting, this project has been in the conceptual stage for quite some time. Now, London Studio is looking for employees to help make this game a reality.

Clearly, since it is a job listing, the specifics of this upcoming PS5 game are limited, but London Studio claims that it is working on a project that will include side missions, trinkets, and a diverse cast of characters.

In the job description, the Studio wanted a Lead Narrative Designer, who will be directly responsible for working with Writers to build world lore and story bible which allows the team to build fabulous characters and incredible environments for the game to play out in.

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The job posting read, "Most of all we want a Narrative Designer who is a wonderful storyteller. Someone who can ensure that the narrative permeates through every aspect of the game and extends out onto other supporting media."

Some of the requirements that were part of the "Scope of Work" section are:

  • Managing the Narrative Designers, Writers, and Consultants to produce the narrative design and script for our game.
  • Ensuring that our game features diverse, authentic, and compelling characters, locations, and events.
  • Development of an intriguing backstory and world lore which sets up years of an ongoing story.
  • Creation of an initial campaign to introduce the world and characters, then an ongoing campaign to develop the narrative and introduce new content.
  • Objectives and Story beats for side quests and missions.
  • Design and implementation of the narrative delivery systems such as Quest-Setter interactions, Character reactions, Collectable info, combat narrative, etc.

Given that London Studio is already assembling a group to develop this PS5 game, it logically follows that we won't see it officially presented for quite some time.

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Sony has remained relatively quiet about many of the PS5 titles that are currently in development. We are not even aware of any of Sony's first-party studios, except God of War Ragnarok, Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and a few other games.

Still, it's exciting to know something about what kinds of games PlayStation might release in the future.

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