Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare - Y7S2 operator, elite, map, release date, leaks

Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare has been announced as the Year 7 Season 2 operation, and we already have a few leaks on the operator, map rework, and much more.

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Rainbow Six Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare

For Rainbow Six Siege fans, the most recent update brought a new operator, a little amount of map change, exciting gameplay, and much more. A new Demon Veil operation, which involves another Rainbow Six Siege operator, Azami - a Japanese Defender, is now available to players.

However, the players will soon be finished with Operation Demon Veil and will be able to explore a new update. And additional information concerning the Rainbow Six Y7S2 operation, operator, elite, and more have been leaked by leakers.

There will be a new Operator, a combat pass, and cosmetics, as is customary. According to leaked information, players will get a second new map in two consecutive seasons along with quality-of-life improvements as promised in the roadmap.

So, let's dive into the specifics of this new "Rainbow Six Y7S2" upgrade - Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare.

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R6 Y7S2 Release Date

Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare's release date has been postponed to the 14th of June.


Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare - Y7S2 leaks

With Azami, the Emerald Plains map, and more, Operation Demon Veil kicked off Rainbow Six Year 7 in style. Now the next season, Rainbow Six Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare will keep the game continued.

Earlier the Rainbow Six update was rumored to be called Operation Vector Glare, which will include a new map, another operator, and several major components that were teased at the start of 2022. And now Ubisoft has officially announced the Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare as Year 7 Season 2 operation.

Fans can take note that Ubisoft has renamed Siege's new season "Operation," which had been withdrawn since Year 6 began. Even the first season of Year 7 was titled 'Y7S1 Demon Veil,' with no Operation tag, thus this modification could have a deeper purpose.

Ubisoft has promised that the entire unveiling of the Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare will happen during the last of the Six Charlotte Major. Now the Six Charlotte Major will begin on May 16th and will come to an end on May 22nd.

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Here's all we know so far about the new Belgian Operator, an upcoming map, adjustments to the quality of life, and more.

Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare Operator - Rainbow Six Siege Sens

The leakers have gradually been revealing insights regarding the Rainbow Six Y7S2 operator. The name of the next Seige operator has been leaked, the operator will be known as Rainbow Six Siege Sens.

Earlier, while revealing the name of the Y7S1 operation, leaks revealed that the R6 Y7S2 operator has been codenamed "Panache" and has the "lightwall" ability.

Then recently on March 24, @Zer0Bytes revealed the exact name of the R6 Y7S2 operator, "Sens" however, the explicit R6 Sens gadgets that they would use aren't revealed. Moreover, leakers are yet to reveal whether the Rainbow Six Siege Sens is a defender or an attacker who will be joining the most recently released Azami operator.

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On account of the Year 7 presentation held at the beginning of the year, we definitely knew that the R6 Y7S2 operator will be from Belgium.

However, dataminers are working hard to reveal the R6 Sens kit in the run-up to the Y7S2 upgrade. As per the leaks, Rainbow Six Siege Sens reportedly has access to an R.O.U Projector System, which can project large smoke screens that block lines of sight for up to 10 seconds.

All things considered, there's a possibility that the Rainbow Six Siege Sens operator will have a weapon like no other as the next Operation is called R6 Y7S2 Vector Glare.

Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare release date

Ubisoft releases all-new Rainbow Six substances at their esports majors, so more details will be released during the Six Charlottle Major on May 22nd, so be sure to watch it live on twitch.tv/rainbow6 where players will bet a significant look at R6 Operation Vector Glare.

Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare release date has not been announced up until now. Nonetheless, given Ubisoft drops its new season substance at regular intervals of 3 months, players can anticipate that the next R6 Vector Glare will hit live servers somewhere around May or June 2022.

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Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare map

After three years, Rainbow Six fans were given a new map. Since the latest map release, Fortress, in December 2018, there were a dozen reworks, but Demon Veil introduces a new setting with Ireland's Emerald Plains map.

Now it is suggested that Operation Vector Glare will offer a second new map in Rainbow Six Y7 Season 2, following the debut of Emerald Plains in Operation Demon Veil.

There will be one major difference as this map is said to be built specifically for the new Deathmatch mode and would not be included in the usual playlist. That, though, may change.

In case the reports on Deathmatch exclusive map are true, then it is quite likely that developers will plan this map in Greece, which is comparatively closer to Belgium. It seems likely that the 3rd map of the year, as well as the projected operator for Year 7 Season 3, will be Singaporean, although timetables have been known to vary in the past, so keep an eye out.

In terms of R6 Y7S2 map rework, Ubisoft is returning to their regular programming, with one map overhaul per new season, as shown in the most recent update, Rainbow Six Siege Demon Veil, which featured Goyo map rework. It's likely that we'll see some map reworks this season as well, but leaks haven't disclosed anything about the Y7S2 operation's map rework till now.

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Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare - Elite

R6 Operation Vector Glare will provide the typical slew of battle passes and aesthetics, but two new Elite skins for Echo and Castle are rumored to be on the way.

Apart from the aforementioned, Zer0Bytes, a well-known leaker has reported that Echo and Castle will receive the Rainbow Six Y7S2 elite.

Although Castle is amongst the game's original 20 Operators, he is yet to acquire an Elite skin. On the other hand, Echo already has one Elite skin ⁠- Tenkamusou under her name.

Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare - Shooting Range mode

Ubisoft is continuing the new modes again with another addition: the Shooting Range. The Rainbow Six Shooting Range mode will join Season 1's Team Deathmatch now.

R6 fans will get the chance to test their abilities and showcase them with targets to spray down and a course to run through, similar to Valorant's Range. And if we may say, the new Shooting Range mode can be seen as a replacement for Terrorist Hunt, but with more freedom in a sandbox instead of being restricted to preset scenarios.

However, players will have to wait a bit to know more about the Rainbow Six Seige Shooting Range mode's exact characteristics, as they will probably be disclosed when we get closer to the release of Operation Vector Glare.

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Ubisoft hasn't revealed anything about the new operator coming with Rainbow Six Y7S2 operation Vector Glare as of now, yet a shooting range, TDM map, Phase 1 of the Reputation system, and more features along with Wolfguard, a new group separate from Team Rainbow and Nighthaven, have been teased by the developers.

This was everything about the Rainbow Six Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare - operator, elite, map, release date, and leaks. We will keep refreshing the article with new info, whenever we get any.

However, it is suggested to wait for Ubisoft to make the official announcement soon so that R6 Y7s2 leaks can be proven right or wrong and fans get to know the confirmed news on Rainbow Six Siege Vector Glare and the Y7S2 operator - Rainbow Six Siege Sens.

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