Apex Legends Mobile Frost Grenade - a new throwable coming in Season 2 leaked

Apex Legends Frost grenade which is capable of freezing players will be introduced in the Mobile version, years after it was leaked for the PC version.

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Apex Legends Mobile Frost Grenade

Apex Legends Mobile, the much-anticipated mobile version of the massively popular battle royale game, was released earlier this month, bringing the wildly popular battle royale game to a far larger audience. It's fair that additional elements of material were brought to the mobile version of the game that isn't included in the console and PC versions of the game to give this new title its own unique personality.

The Apex Legends Mobile version already wowed us with its new game modes, enhanced firing range, and perks system, among other features. Furthermore, one of the most notable differences that the Apex Legends mobile version brought is the inclusion of a fresh new playable Legend - Fade, who is only available in the mobile game.

Now even though this is the first season of Apex Legends mobile, we do know that Respawn continuously adds new weapons and legends with each new season.

And it appears that the Apex Mobile game's makers have the same aim, as they continue to offer newer and better materials to its players.

And now according to a new Apex Legends Mobile leak, a new throwable weapon - Apex Legends Frost Grenade could be presented in the game soon which was datamined back in 2021.

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Apex Legends Frost Grenade leak

A renowned and reliable Apex Legends leaker, Shrugtal disclosed back in August 2021 that Respawn is planning to add a new Cryo Grenade weapon in the game.

After the release of the Apex Legends Emergence update, leakers found the Cryo Grenade through some careful datamining which was in an early development structure.

Back then it seemed that this Apex Cryo Grenade was left in the game accidentally because of pre-release testing.

However, now we have a fresh leak from another known leaker, Bobz, who revealed that in Apex Legends Season 2, a new grenade called "Frost Grenade" would be introduced.

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Apex Legends Frost Grenade abilities speculations

While comparing the new throwable weapon, the leaker stated that this Apex Frost Grenade will be similar to the Cryo bomb from Call of Duty Mobile. He said, "a lot of people have their theories on how it's gonna work and it seems as though it will be just like the Cryo bomb from Call of Duty Mobile, so it should slow people in its area of effect possibly doing some small tick damage as well"

Though no demonstration of how the new Frost Grenade would really work has been provided, it is clear that the "Frost Grenade" is based on the "Cryo Grenade," from the PC or Console version leak.

Looking at this new Apex Legends Frost Grenade, few suggest that it’d be cool for a Legend's tactical or ultimate in the main game. However, this new throwable weapon in Apex has also raised some concerns.

The main concern here for this new Frost Grenade is its ability to slow down. A fan wrote, "Slows are absolutely horrendous, especially in a game about speed."

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Moreover, players think that if the new Apex Frost Grenade slows down players, it shouldn't be there as we already have three grenades that are only for dealing damage and pushing back players, not serving utility.

As per the fans' review, they suggest that the Frost Grenade coming in Apex Legends should be a legend ability and not a throwable weapon.

It does not appear to be a coincidence that a comparable grenade, which was intended to be released in the PC and Console versions, is now available on the mobile platform.

Hence, rather than including another new weapon along with everything else, Respawn may choose to take things toward another path simply by adding a new throwable Cryo grenade capable of freezing players in Apex Legends PC and Console version too.

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