Apex Legends Mobile DJ aka Rhapsody Legend leak

Apex Legends Mobile DJ aka Rhapsody Legend has been revealed by new leaks.

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Apex Legends Mobile DJ aka Rhapsody Legend leak

Apex Legends, the free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter game, is a huge feather in its developers’ hat, Respawn Entertainment. It is arguably one of the most popular games in the world right now, and we can say something like that because one huge measure of popularity is the number of platforms a particular title is available on. And with games released on PC and consoles, the mobile version of that game is usually the last to release.

But Apex Legends checks all of the above boxes. It is a title that was released on PC and gaming consoles first but Apex Legends Mobile has also been on the market since over a month now. From the reaction of the audiences, it is clear that fans of Apex Legends are having a blast of fun taking their battles in the Outlands to their portable devices.

But ever since Fade arrived on the scene in Apex Mobile, the question on the minds of the players has been about the next character to make their way onto the character roster. And the spice in this whole situation is that the developers have given us their confirmation that more exclusive legends are on the way to the title. You can understand the excited state of the community right now.

This post will be centered on the answer to the question posed at the starting, which was about the next Apex Legends Mobile character to join the roster. New leaks have revealed that Apex Legends Mobile DJ aka Rhapsody will be the next legend. Read on the post for complete details.

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Apex Legends Mobile DJ aka Rhapsody legend leak

Well, a leak might just have answered a lot of unanswered questions for us as there have been a set of images leaked which tell us about a character called DJ aka Rhapsody along with their robot dog.

The source of this information is the Twitter leaker ThatOneGamingBot, who is a reliable and trustworthy leaker. It is all thanks to this person that we know that a new exclusive character is in the pipeline and on the way to the game’s roster, whose name is DJ aka Rhapsody.

Unfortunately, we do not have images of the DJ aka Rhapsody Legend itself. However, this leak does give us the pictures of what appears to be a companion of DJ aka Rhapsody. This is their robot dog called Nebula. From what bare information we have at our disposal at the moment, we still speculate that this dog could act as an ability in DJ’s kit. It could even have a similar reaction to Crypto’s drone, helping out the Legend by scouting the area and picking out the positions of the opponents on the map.

Of course, there is the possibility that this little guy will do damage as well to the enemies. But that is really difficult to predict when all we have at our hands is concept art.

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Judging from the name of this new Apex Legends Mobile Legend, DJ aka Rhapsody might very well have some audio-based abilities that allow the character to create some sort of illusion for his opponents. The concept art has something at the side of Nebula’s head that looks a lot like speakers.

We hope it is abundantly clear that this is nothing but speculation at this point. In fact, we would go so far as to say that DJ aka Rhapsody might not even be the next Legend in line to join the game. What we, along with the gaming community, are waiting for is an official announcement from the developers. Only that will confirm the accuracy of what we just mentioned regarding DJ aka Rhapsody.

These were all the information about the Apex Legends Mobile DJ aka Rhapsody Legend leak. Keep visiting for more Apex Legends news that will be coming soon.

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